Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving is coming up and at church last Sunday the talks were on the importance of writing down all you are thankful for. There are SO many things I am thankful for especially my wonderful husband. I am SO grateful for Stephen... I couldn't ask for a better best friend or husband. I am so blessed to have you by my side forever. I LOVE YOU!

Here is some pictures of our wedding day, engagement pics, and just random ones we took.


Engagement pics!

Random pic at a restraunt... love the plastic fireman hat babe
Tennis and long boarding in good ole' Rexburg... doesn't get much better than that.
Right before he ran me through this water and we got soakin' wet.
Stephen with brown hair ;)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Apartment!

Stephen and I have lived in Cambridge Court for 3 months now. We have loved our small, cute apartment even though there isn't much space! It has been perfect and we love all the people that live near us. I decided I would put some pictures up of our apartment now that we have all our furniture and everything organized!

Our living room!
Random Wall in the living room with random decorations.
SO we got TONS of frames as wedding gifts and I didn't really know what to do with them. I attempted to make a picture wall but it didn't turn out like I hoped. O well ;)
Our kitchen!
We were so excited to finally get a table... we went almost 2 months without a table because we were waiting on this table. It is actually the table my family used growing up and my wonderful mom sent it out here from Georgia. It's pretty big and makes things a little more squishy in the apartment but we LOVE it!
This is our teeny tiny bedroom... We weren't sure how we were going to fit everything in there but somehow we made it work!
Here is our bathroom... which i pretty much purchased at T@RGET! :)
bathroom again
Our closet.

Well there it is... we love our little apartment. Today I was taking Dallas for a walk in his neighborhood and I was looking at all the houses and wanted to buy one SO bad. Haha... now that I am married I just can't wait for Stephen and I to have a house of our own. It will be so fun to decorate and paint the walls and all that fun stuff. I know that won't be for a while but I seriously can't wait!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Stephen and I had such a fun Halloween weekend. We dressed up as babies with footy pajamas...binkies...teddy bears... and pigtails. It was pretty funny and those flannel footies kept us nice and warm outside! ;)

First, we went to our ward party at the bishops barn. It was so fun to see all the cute costumes everyone dressed up in. Collette was a crashed flight attendant and Kyle was a crashed pilot!
We LOVE our ward. It was a fun activity full of costume contests, pumpkin carving contests, pie eating contests, and a chili cook off!
Crashed flight attendant, baby, and G.I Jane

G.I Joe, Baby, and Crashed Pilot

Saturday we went out with the kiddos and took them trick or treatin. Georgia looked SO stinkin cute in her Ghostbuster outfit.

Saturday night we got together with our group of friends, dressed up in costumes, played games, and ate lots of junk food.