Monday, June 9, 2014

Splash pads, Sisters, and Slugs

This Texas heat and humidity is NO joke! Everytime I walk outside I feel like I just put on a wet jumpsuit. Although I am not the biggest fan of the humidity here, I love what it does for my skin. My knuckles and heels are no longer dry and are as smooth as can be. The girls don't seem to mind the hot weather. It usually means if we go outside we are somewhere near water.

Savannah loves "The Texas." She will often ask if we can go to Nana and Papa's or if she can ride her scooter, or play with her friends in Utah. I don't think she quite understands that we are in a completely different state. 
 My crazy Tammy Lee is at the cutest and hardest age right now. She wants to do everything on her own and doesn't want any help. She hates sitting in shopping carts or strollers… she would much rather walk around and explore. She doesn't want to hold moms hand when we cross the road… she wants to do it on her own. She doesn't want mom to help her up the cement stairs to our apartment… she wants to do it herself. This is a good thing in some ways but can make for lots of tantrums when I say no. 
On the other hand she gives the best kisses when she grabs your face with her two squishy hands. She gives the best laugh when you chase her and tickle her neck. She does the best animal impressions when you tell her to be like a frog or lion. And she gives the best snuggles when she is tired or scared. I seriously love this silly, cute girl… tantrums and all!
 Some of my favorite times are when I can have one on one time with the girls. When Tammy Lee is sleeping I try to do a little activity with Savannah and on this particular day she picked play dough. She requested I make a rainbow and a snow man family. She is so good at playing and talking for different characters… I love listening to her role play. 

 We deposited some checks at the bank and the girls got suckers. I turned to check on Tammy Lee and she was out. Sucking on her sucker must have been tiring!

 Stephen made Savannah a Mickey Mouse pancake. She won't have her 
pancakes any other way now. ;)
 Sisters are so much fun!
 This pictured doesn't do it justice… this slug was hugeee! 
The girls were intrigued… mom was not.
 Not sure why but these girls could stand and stare at bugs all day. 

 Savannah got to pick a prize from the Dollar Store because
she has been such a big helper lately. She chose nail polish with stars…
such a girly girl!
 Is there anything better than green smoothies and coloring?
 Entertaining a 20 month old in sacrament meeting is no easy task!
Can I get an amen from all you moms of little ones out there!?
 STACEY come back to us! We miss you already!
 Love my little family!!

The Butterfly Exhibit

My lovely cousin Stacey stayed with us last week while her husband was in New York for work. They just so happen to be in Houston this summer doing internships as well. It was such a blast spending the week together and the girls were loving it. We ventured to the butterfly exhibit on Friday and had a blast. I couldn't believe how much the girls loved looking at all the bugs and little critters. Eek!

Their first find were these neon yellow frogs. 
They would crack up each time they would jump. 

 Ewwww that bug is HUGE. Tammy Lee was so intrigued but would scream 
each time the bugs would start crawling towards the front of the glass. haha

 I attempted to trick Stephen and tell him we found this in our apt.  
I couldn't fool him… bummer!
 This just might be the best picture of the day… haha love ya Stacey!
 They had a rainforest where all the beautiful butterflies flew around. 
It was so fun to see!

 Savannah was really enjoying finding a butterfly and than matching it
to the butterfly identification page we were given.

Such a fun day… if you are ever in Houston I highly recommend the butterfly exhibit!