Thursday, November 5, 2015

Family Pictures August 2015

We took these pictures a week before moving from Utah.
I will cherish these pictures forever. I feel it captures each of the kids ages so well.
Savannah (4 years, 6 months) loves to pose for the camera and has her cute fake smile.
Tammy Lee (2 years, 10 months) cocks her head up and gives a big grin for the camera.
Hudson (4 months) has the cutest and droopiest cheeks.
 I love our family of five! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our first Halloween in Oregon was a rainy one. We braved the rain and went anyway. The girls were ecstatic to trick or treat and ran from house to house and didn't mind the rain one bit. On about the third house Tammy Lee tripped and fell and was so sad the rest of the time. She sat in the stroller and was scared to get out again. Savannah was so cute and took her bucket to each house and explained that this bucket was for her sister who fell and got hurt. After about 30 minutes, Tammy Lee was ready to go home. Savannah was ready to keep trick or treating so Stephen stayed with Sav while I took T-Lee and Hudson home. 
They got lots of many treats and I would say it was a success!

Life in Sherwood!

We are in our new home and LOVE it! Our first night here Stephen and I couldn't believe this was ours. The floors are beautiful and the carpet looks amazing. We still have A LOT of work ahead of us but we are excited to make it our own.  We have been so busy unpacking, painting, organizing, and being parents all at the same time. We are enjoying the fall here and all the festivities that come along with it.


 Look what I found while unpacking... cutest baby in a box I have ever seen.
 Studson and mom getting ready for church.
 Our Sunday in pictures.
 Unpacking your home is no easy task when you have a baby attached to your hip...
 Hudson is still a terrible sleeper. It is hard and I am exhausted but I sure loves this boy of mine.
 Morning Snuggles.
 Chili Cook off!

 The girls have been amazing at playing and entertaining themselves while I have been busy unpacking and organizing. 
 Savannah loves to accessorize and look "fancy." 
 Stephen had a Halloween work party. The girls had a blast trick or treating and Hudson had a great time sleeping in the stroller.

 Hudson 6 months, Tammy Lee 3 years 1 month, Savannah 4 years 8 months.