Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bows and Necklaces galore

I have had fun starting up my little Etsy shop. I wanted to do something where I could earn a little bit of money while Stephen was in law school. It has been a lot of work but has been a really fun experience. I have learned a lot and I am pretty sure I know how to make every bow in the book. It has been much more busy during the holidays which has been exciting! I have been making lots of bows during nap time and bed time. 

If you are in need of any Christmas present for daughters, nieces, sisters, friends come my way!!!! :)

Fall Shenanigans...

My goal for November is to blog at least once a week so I don't get so far behind that there is an overload of pictures. This months has been crazy busy... with Etsy, planning two fun baby showers for the month of November, and also being in charge of our Ward Christmas Party. It has consisted of lots and lots of planning but it has been fun! 

This is what we have been up to lately!

Savannah is my little artist. She LOVES to color and is so good. She tries so hard to stay in the lines and she loves when someone colors with her. We usually sit and color or paint a couple times a day together.

 I took the girls to get their flu shots and Savannah was SO brave. We had watched a Daniel Tiger episode about getting shots to prepare her. We went and she was a little nervous but said, "It's otay mommy...I close my eyes like Daniel Tiger." She did just that... closed her eyes tight and turned her head and the shot was over before she knew it. She didn't even cry. The nurse was amazed... and I was one proud momma. What a relief! This is a picture of the two suckers she got that she was so happy about!

My Sweet and busy Tammy Lee! Love this little girl... although church is quite impossible at this stage. She never sits still so sacrament can be a challenge. She likes to grab the bows out of Savannah's hair and steals food out of her hands. (Savannah isn't to fond of either of these things if you were wondering) But she is such a sweet little girl. Everywhere we go people comment on her beautiful blue eyes. She has the cutest little nose and ears that flare out at the end just like her dads. She is walking and getting all over the place but we will save the details of that for another post. 

Me and the girls were patiently waiting in the garage for Daddy to come home on Sunday from Ward Council. He is super busy with law school during the week and on Sunday's he is gone to meetings and visits throughout the day so we miss him on Sunday too! 

This pic makes me laugh. Love her little smiley face while taking a bath!

Savannah slipped playing outside and was so sad. But as soon as she got some princess bandaids she was ALL smiles. She LOVES princesses!

Some fun halloween crafts. This age is so much fun for me. I love doing little crafts with her and she  loves it just as much!

I was folding laundry in the room next door and noticed Tammy Lee was being really quiet. I went to see what she was doing and she was sound asleep... standing up! haha how crazy is that. Poor girl must have been exhausted.

Snuggles while watching The Little Mermaid!

Dark and blurry but I love this spunky 2 year old

More coloring... and more fun hair styles!

 Tammy Lee kills me in this little snowman outfit. She looks so cozy and so stinkin cute. As soon as you put the hat on her she smiles so big! Love her!

 Monster craft with her fun friend Chase. He is our next door neighbor and they play together around 3 times a week.  He is 2 years older but they play so well together. They are so cute!

Tammy Lee's new thing is to crawl inside the toy bin to play with all the baby toys. Too cute!

I will leave you with this! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tammy Lee is ONE!

Tammy Lee turned ONE on September 19th. I am almost a month behind on writing this post but better late than never. 
We had so much fun celebrating her 1st birthday with family and friends. We got together at a park near by and did an ice-cream themed party. I got all the labels from my great friend Lorie's PantonePearl Etsy shop. She is so talented and I loved how it turned out! 

This year has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday when I brought Tammy Lee home from the NICU and she was on oxygen and monitors. She was such a trooper and I am so glad she is so healthy even though she was premature. She is such a great addition to our family. Happy birthday to my fun, loving, smiley, curious, energetic, sweet, stubborn, snuggly Tammy Lee!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Thrills

I love love this time of year. I love the cooler weather, the yummy soups, the cozy blankets, the hot chocolate, the apple cider, and all the fun decor. I got all the halloween decorations out today and had fun doing a little Halloween craft with Maleen this morning while the girls played.

Most of these decorations I made last year but I made a couple things this year to add to the decor!

Here is the fun little craft Maleen and I did today. I think it turned out cute and it was fun to make! ;)