Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missing Daddy...

Stephen is selling pest control in Austin, Texas and will be gone for 2 months. We had been contemplating this decision for quite a while and kept going back and forth on what we should do. We weighed the pros and cons and eventually decided that we felt good about him selling. Stephen just finished his first year of law school and our goal is to not go into any debt during these three years. We don't want to take out any school loans, we want to pay tuition up front, and when he is done with school we want to be in zero debt. We saved as much as possible before he started school and we budget like crazy to keep us on track. We decided he should go sell this summer so that we can have some left over cash when he finishes law school which will give him sometime to find a job.

He has been gone for a total of two weeks now and it has been... really hard! We all miss him like crazy and being a single parent can be exhausting. Not only do I miss having someone to help me with the nightly tasks like dinner, clean up, getting the girls in the bath, putting on jammies, reading books, snuggling etc but i just miss my husband! I miss having Stephen to talk with, to laugh with, to joke with, to be silly with, to cuddle with,  and the list goes on. All I can say is I don't know how army wife's do it. Two months without a husband is far too long for me. 

Its funny because some days I am like, "Ok, I can totally do this... I've got the hang of things... this will be fine." Then other days I think, "How am I ever going to make it... this is so hard... what were we thinking?" Kinda polar opposite I know. I try not to complain though and I try to always be positive and for the most part I am but when weekends roll around. They go so s---l---o---w! Saturday's and Sunday's seem never ending and it is painful. 

I really am so grateful for how hard a worker Stephen is. He is doing so awesome selling and the two weeks he has been there he has sold the highest amount each week out of all the guys on his team. 

I love these pics of Savannah when Stephen took her on a daddy daughter date right before he left. They both miss each other SO much. Savannah still talks about when she went to get ice cream with daddy. 

Can't wait till he is back HOME with us... do you think I can survive?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July FUN!

We had such a fun 4th of July! We deff missed daddy though. We are use to him being home all day on holidays which is one of the best parts. He is selling pest control in Autsin, Texas right now so he will be gone for two months. We miss him like crazy!

We started the day off by going to the Provo parade. The weather wasn't too hott at the beginning. There was a nice breeze and it was cloudy so the sun wasn't beating down on you. Savannah loved looking at all the floats that went by and anytime they had the pageant girls she would point and say, "mommy look it's a princess." Papa got her a snow cone and she was in heaven! 

Chase is giving Sav a better view of all the floats passing by.

Tammy Lee was content sitting in the stroller gnawing on an apple core. I love how she props her little leg up on the stroller. 

We had dinner with the fam and Savannah loved playing with the poppers and sparklers. She learned very quickly not to touch the sparklers and loved playing with them. She wanted more and more and more. 

Mama and Tammy Lee just hanging out. Love those two!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable fourth of July!!