Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini swimming pools and Ice cream with Nana!

In Texas and Oregon we had a swimming pool in our apt complex and we went at least 3 times a week.
Stephen would take Savannah every Saturday and he would teach her how to swim for a good two hours. Savannah loved the water and was so sad when we came home and no longer had a swimming pool to play in whenever we wanted. 
I decided to get creative since our plastic little pool broke. I had some storage tubs in the garage and we grabbed some bath toys to put inside them. The girls were thrilled and both had huge smiles on their faces. We have enjoyed this summer so much and will be sad when it ends. 

 Nana didn't have work on Wednesday and treated us to some BYU Creamery ice cream. It was such a tasty treat and it is always fun to spend time with Nana. 

Felt Cousins

My mom was 1 of 12 kids so I grew up with a LOT of Felt cousins. We had family reunions every summer and I have so many fun memories growing up with my cousins. It is always fun to see each other and since Whitney was in the area we decided to do a little cousins dinner. It is fun to see where we are all at in life. 
Whitney is headed to Logan to start her first year of college.
Elysse just got home from serving a mission and is back at BYU.
Stacey is married and is starting her second year of law school.
Our other cousins close in age either couldn't make it or lived too far away.

Dinner was so much fun. I am so grateful for my cousins and the close relationships we all have!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We are HOME!

It feels SO good to be home. We had such a fun summer but there is nothing like being back at your home with your bed, and all your stuff. We have a microwave, dishwasher, and a backyard again. We are loving it and here are a few pics from our first couple days back!

We missed playing with Trisha, Olivia, and Oliver.
Whitney even came to say hi!
The girls enjoyed playing with worms on our driveway. Yum... we scrubbed those hands soon after.

We made some play dough.
Looked at some more bugs...
and enjoyed our swing set.

After 4 months we are HOME!

Reunion: Day 2

Day 2 we hiked Squaw Peek. It was a 3 mile hike and half way we stopped at a big waterfall. Savannah walked most the time and loved every minute of it. She was so happy to hang out with Uncle Chase for the first mile, then Aiden helped out, along with Jacob. She would talk their ear off and tell them all kinds of stories and they were so sweet to listen and respond. Tammy Lee fell asleep for half the hike and she was passed from one person to the other. Everyone was so great to help with the little kiddos since Stephen wasn't there. 
Hiking is such a fun family activity. It will deff be something we do again soon!

Nana and Savannah all ready to start hiking!
 Tammy Lee trying to figure out who was holding her.
 Jen and Jen
 Savannah feeding Chase some leafs. ;)
 Aiden and Savnnah. She was in heaven having so much attention!
 My little Tammy Lee being such a trooper even though she was so tired and it was right during her nap time. 
Mom, me and Tammy Lee resting on a rock and enjoying the pretty waterfall.
 Savannah and Chase are both little dare devils. Chase took Savannah through the waterfall and shortly after many people followed in their footsteps. Savannah loved every minute of it.

 When T-Lee saw Savannah go in the waterfall she turned to Nana and wanted a turn. Papa let Tammy Lee feel the waterfall spray and they were all smiles.

We had so much fun and made so many memories.

William's Renion 2014: Day 1

Driving to the family reunion was worth ALL the effort. We had so much fun and Savannah and Tammy Lee were so excited to play and run around with all their cousins. 
Usually our William's Reunions are in Idaho but this year we had it in Springville at my parents house. It was a really full house but most days we were gone.
Day 1: we went boating and canoeing.
Day 2: We went on a beautiful hike and had dinner at Chase and Jessie's.

Tammy Lee's love language is deff physical touch. She loves to be held and cuddled by people she loves. Anytime I was looking for Tammy Lee I always found her snuggled in Nana and Papa's arms. She was a little skeptical of all the people so she always stayed real close to us. 
 Savannah on the other hand was always playing. She is so social and loves to have a good time. She became fast friends with her cousins even though they don't see each other often. 

 Tammy Lee was content scooping the sand in the bucket over and over again.
 This was the first time the girls had been on a boat. Once we took off Savannah could not stop laughing. Tammy Lee fell asleep within seconds. I think she liked the movement of the boat and was sound asleep in Derrick's arms. 
Uncle Chase letting Tammy Lee drive ;) She kept moving his hands off the wheel in hopes that she could drive by herself. 

 Love my cute cousins. I have so many good memories with them growing up at our William's Reunions. 
 Savannah was so cute coaching me with Derrick while I was wake surfing.
She would say:
"Mom try again!"
"Hold on tight this time okay mom."
"Mom are your otay?"
"Good job mom!"
Everyone got a good laugh listening to her coach me!
 Todd was such a cutie. Savannah and him are only a month apart and had a blast running around together.

Utah Bound

The William's Family reunion was happening the weekend before we were coming home. Last minute my mom convinced me to pack up and come to utah with the girls. It was a week before Stephen was done with work but I decided to be spontaneous and go for it. I packed up the house in 4 hours, Stephen put everything in the van and we were off. We drove 6 hours the first day and the girls did AMAZING both days. I think it was a little blessing. We stayed in Ontario the first night and then drove 6 more hours the next day. 

Here is my Tammy Lee right after she woke up in our hotel. Love those blue eyes!
 We were heading to get some breakfast before our 6 hour drive to Utah!

Oregon Zoo

I took Savannah and Tammy Lee to the Oregon Zoo a couple days before we left. We tried to explore and do as many fun things we could while we were there. These two loved seeing all the animals. We walked around for almost three hours and the girls were entertained the whole time. I packed the stroller, snacks, and water and we were good to go. They were even able to pet some of them.