Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tammy Lee 2 1/2

I was having love flashes this morning about Tammy Lee. 
This little one sure can test my patience but I adore her light hearted, loving, quick to forgive, thoughtful, and determined personality. 
She has the best expressions, cutest sad face, and biggest heart. 
I love my Tammy Lee!

Goodbye Hair

I decided to chop my hair off the other day randomly. I was ready for a change so I went for it. My hair is really thick so when it is long it requires a lot of up keep. I found myself always wearing it in a ponytail because it would take so long to style and then when I did style it it was getting caught on my backpack straps or being pulled by Tammy Lee so I would end up pulling it back anyways. 
It is so fun to have a new hairstyle. It has been 8 years since I have gotten it cut this short. 

Also showing my 19 week belly!

A New Year! 2015

What a good start to a new year! 
Stephen started his final semester of law school. 
I love being a stay at home mom (most the time) to my two active girls and are so excited for baby #3 to come.
Savannah turns 4 this year and is so full of personality. She loves to color, help me cook, and is such a fun outgoing girl.
Tammy Lee is 2 1/2 and tests my patience everday. She is so caring and thoughtful and is such a snuggle bug.

It may look like these two never fight from the picture below but they have their moments. They can love each other one moment and the next be so upset with each other. We have started to say a little prayer when they are fighting to help teach them the importance of being kind and how praying can help us when we feel frustrated. The other morning I was laying in bed around 7:00 and I hear them arguing about who they love most. In my head I am thinking, "Seriously we haven't even gotten out of bed yet and you guys are already fighting?"
The next thing I know Savannah comes in my room and says, 
"Mom, we need to say a prayer... Tammy Lee is buggin' me!"
haha it made me laugh...
 We did some re-arranging and now the girls share a room. We added bunk beds and they think it is pretty awesome. Tammy Lee is on the bottom and Savannah is on the top. The transition has been so great. They love sleeping in the same room and Tammy Lee feels like such a big girl in her new bed! 
We also added another shelf in the closet so all their clothes can fit!

 "Ting" and "Fannah" are the cutest little friends. King is my good friend Lorie's son. Lorie and I grew up together in Georgia and now live 5 or so minutes away. It is so fun to do play dates with her little boys who are similar ages to Savannah and Tammy Lee. 
 Savannah and Stephen built this cute little snowman in our front yard. The snow was too soft to build on top of the snowman so they just made his head. ;) Savannah was so proud and loves spending time with Stephen. 
 We think this little ones love language is physical touch. 
She loves to be snuggled and loves for you to sit by her.


Holy Cow we are still in shock that a little boy will be joining our family this year! We can't wait for a new addition and are so excited for it to be a BOY! 
Stephen and I went to the appt and had no idea what to expect. We both thought it would prob be another girl and really would have been happy either way. His little legs were crossed during the ultrasound, so for a while the nurse couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl. Finally he kicked his leg, and she snapped a pic and said, "Oh... that is a boy!" Stephen and I looked at each other in shock with huge smiles on our faces we could hardly believe it. Stephen is so excited to have a little guy he can wrestle, watch football with, and go on father son camp outs. 
Savannah really really wanted a baby brother and as soon as we got home she said, "is it a it a boy?" After telling her yes she jumped up and down and kept saying, "I wanted a brother so so bad!" Tammy Lee was a happy little camper as well but I don't think she fully understood. She probably wont be too thrilled when baby brother is born and she is no longer the baby. haha