Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Stephen and I flew to Georgia last Sunday and we had such a wonderful time! We wish we could have stayed another week but we had to get back to Utah! It was So fun to be with family and spend time with one another! We did so many fun things like ice skating, going to Atlantic Station to see the lights and the big Christmas tree, spending time with cousins, doing lots of Christmas shopping, buying puppies, and playing all sorts of games. I feel so blessed to have two wonderful families in Georgia (mine and Stephen's)!!

Christmas morning... one of the ties I made Stephen!
The CUTE puppies Spencer got. (Lola and Mikey)
Stephen and I's gingerbread house
Working hard on our gingerbread house.
My amazing mother!
haha, we are CrAzY!
Christmas shopping!!!
At atlantic station... since it never snows in Georgia they make fake snow with bubbles. haha
This picture makes me laugh.
All the kiddos!
We were dangerous out there.
Love them!
Mommas and daughters
My 3 brothers and my husband!!!
White elephant gifts. Stephen got lipgloss ;) and i got hot pads.

We are now back to real life in Utah. We are busy getting ready for school and enjoying the last few days of our break. I don't know how I feel about starting school again. A part of me is excited to start at BYU but I know I will miss BYU-Idaho. The sad part is Stephen works Mon., Wed., Fri. and goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday. I go to school Mon., Wed., Fri. and work on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we won't even be at BYU together. :( o well... maybe we will be able to work it out next semester. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Being married has made me a lot more crafty. I love putting little things together and making fun decorations for our apartment. Here is a couple of crafts I have done in the last little while! It has been so much fun. I want to buy a cricut sometime in the near future so instead of buying the vinyl lettering I can just do it at home! :) They also make great gifts!

This plate turned out cuter than I thought. I bought the plate at Walmart for $3 and put the vinyl on it. It was really easy and is a fun Christmas decoration.
I put cookie jars together to make little Christmas gifts for friends. I still need to put ribbons around the jars. It makes delicious cookies! ;)
I got this tile and simply placed the vinyl on top. You can buy the tiles at Home Depot. It was a little tricky making sure I placed the letters on perfectly straight... luckily it worked. haha
I have always wanted one of these pictures of the Salt Lake Temple but they were SO expensive. Luckily a lady in my ward gave me an AMAZING deal on it. I was so grateful!
I got 4 square blocks and painted them gold and put red vinyl on them. It was so easy and you can easily change the letters to your last name, or baby's name, or seasonal sayings. They turn out really cute and can ad some spunk to your home.

You are probably wondering when I have time to do this... while Stephen is sitting at the table doing homework or studying... I am sitting next to him making crafts. It works great, haha. If anyone has any other fun crafts they have done, let me know because I am looking for new ideas! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Happenings!

So much has happened and I feel a little overwhelmed because I have so much to blog about!
I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME... the lights, the music, the smiles, everything. It is such a wonderful time of year. Stephen's birthday was this last Wednesday and he is now 24! Woo Hoo... happy birthday babe! We have been having so much fun and have also been so busy!
Here is an overload of pictures to update everyone on what we have been up to!

This is at Stephen's Pinnacle work party. It was in down town Salt Lake at this beautiful building. We got all dressed up and had a blast taking pictures in the photo booth and eating a delicious dinner! ;)
This is at Utahs Hogle Zoo. It was full of christmas lights and real animals. It was SOOO cold but lots of fun!
Taking a picture by some beautiful lights.
Gettin warm
This is Dallas, the cute boy I babysit. I was making funny noises and he was laughing so hard. He is SO cute.. i love him to death.
Stephen stocked about eating his birthday dinner at Tucanos (brazillian grill). I am not a huge meat eater but the meat at Tucanos was really good.
Georgia is so cute in this picture... and there Jackson is sound asleep! haha
I love him!
I heart attacked the whole apartment for Stephen's birthday. Each heart said something I loved about him.
MORE hearts.
We are loving Christmas time and are so excited to fly to Georgia this Sunday to spend Christmas with our families. It will be so nice to be home again.
Happy Holidays!!!!