Monday, March 26, 2012

Overload of Photos...

I was doing so good at blogging on a regular basis... almost everyday. But I got behind... way behind and so I have a bunch of pictures that I will share. The majority of my day consists of me and Savannah. We go on walks, we go to the park, we read books, we eat lunch, we watch cartoons, we play with toys, and we wait patiently for Daddy to get home. :)

Savannah is learning so much and is growing up so fast.

She is ready to go swimming in some nice, sunny weather.
I was making a fruit salad for dinner and gave Savannah the spoon to lick. It was such a mess but so worth it... she was loving it!
She already has such a cute sense of humor. She loves climbing in things and cracks up when I cover her with toys.
She would eat cheese for every meal if I let her.

The fun easter craft I made for the ladies I visit teach!
She is so fun!
My little walker! She looks a lot like Stephen to me in this picture below. She has so many of his features!

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Park City

This weekend we all took a trip to Park City with my side of the family! It was so much fun and Savannah was in heaven with all the attention she got from everyone. We had so much fun shopping at the outlets, swimming, relaxing, hot tubbing, etc.

Savannah was completely content on the ride down as long as she could play the IPAD.
This is Chase and his cute Girlfriend Jessie. We had fun doing a puzzle Jessie made for Chase.
Here is mom making hot chocolate for everyone. She is always serving people... she is the greatest!
Stephen and I relaxing and playing card games.
Good morning to Savannah. She slept terrible not being in her own crib... luckily the next couple nights she slept much better.
They have something called "The Mine" in the hotel. It is a kids room with all kinds of fun toys. We were waiting for it to open and Savannah enjoyed exploring the waiting room.
She wanted to touch everything!
Savannah is so close to walking. She is still a little wobbly but can take 5 or 6 steps before she sits on her bum. She is walking back and forth to Chase and Travis in this pic. They were wearing sunglasses to entice her to come to them. haha
The best part was they had a kiddie hot tub. It was the same temp as your body so babies could go in. It was great and Savannah was in heaven... I think she thought it was a gigantic bath!
We had a fun weekend getaway... but it is always nice to be back home in your own bed again.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

St. Patricks Day

I have had so much fun decorating for the holidays this year. I have been making almost everything which saves money and makes it so much fun. For St. Patricks day I made a wreath, 4 leaf clover banners, a Lucky banner, blocks, and Modge podged wood Lucky letters with paper and embellishments.

I bought the wood blocks below from an etsy shop called Well Good. They were only $8. Once I got them in the mail I painted them white and put scrap booking paper on along with embellishments. I loved the way it turned out.

Here is the 4 leaf clover banner that I cut with my cricut and sewed together.

My St. Patricks Day blocks
Printed this printable off pinterest!

I made this wreath by wrapping a foam wreath with burlap. I made the green flowers with felt. I made it so the flowers can come off and on so that I can use diff flowers for diff seasons. ;)

Here is a quick tutorial on the Lucky banner.
I cut seven 5 inch circles in green, seven 4 inch circles in black and white polka dots, and seven 3 inch circles in white.
I taped them on top of each other with scrap booking tape.
The finished product!