Monday, February 23, 2015

One year older and wiser too!

It is hard to believe I have a 4 year old. 
Savannah brings us so much joy. She has such a darling personality and is so fun to be around. 
She is so sweet to Tammy Lee and loves to comfort and protect her.
She loves to play and is so social.
She loves playing dress up and changes her outfit multiple times a day.
She loves to be chased and tickled.
Even though she is girly she loves playing sports with Stephen like Tennis and Football.
She can spell her first and last name and is learning to identify letters in the alphabet.
She loves to color and always does a very thorough job.
She goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up at 7:30 am.
Her favorite food is candy. ;)
She is so full of life and we love having her in our family!
Happy birthday Savannah Jane!

We celebrated with the Jett family on Sunday.
 Savannah woke up to balloons and presents on her birthday.
She ran into our room so excited because she saw the balloons and presents from the top of the stairs.
 She requested Mickey Mouse pancakes for her birthday breakfast so dad went to school a little later so he could be there. She was thrilled!

 That night we had dinner at Chase and Jessie's and celebrated with my side of the family.
 Nana and Papa got Savannah dress ups and this girl could not stop smiling. Rachel and Travis got her that big Olaf which went perfect with her Anna outfit. :)
 We celebrated once more on Saturday with her cute friends. I planned a little party with a couple different activities for the kids.
We set up three stations:
Station #1 the kids made fruit loop necklaces.
Station #2 the kids made Princess and King crowns.
Station #3 the kids played with play dough.
Next everyone enjoyed some cupcakes and ice-cream.
Then the kids hit a pinata filled with bouncy balls.
Last Savannah opened her presents.
It was a fun and successful birthday week.
Savannah is loved by so many!

Valentines LOVIN!

Stephen's parents offered to take the girls for a day and night. It was so nice of them and it was so fun for Stephen and I to go out just us. We had so much fun shopping, eating a delicious dinner at Carrabas, and watching a movie.
I love this Valentine of mine!

 When we picked up the girls we had a special little gift waiting for them at home for Valentines day.
My parents always made us kids feel so special on V-Day and I want to do the same for mine.

My little loves!

Tammy Lee is all potty trained! Hip Hip Hooray! Have I ever mentioned how potty training is my least favorite thing? The constant accidents and bribery to get a child to go on the potty is exhausting. Luckily Tammy Lee picked up after about 3 days and it has been smooth sailing since. She still has accidents every now and again but has done amazing transitioning and feels like such a big girl in her underwear.

While she was reading the book pictured below I kept asking her if she wanted
to go potty. I probably asked her around 3 times and then she looked up at me and said,
"Hold on otay mama... I'm twying to wead my boot otay!"
It made me laugh. Don't mess with this girl when she is reading her books.
 Cub (Brock and Stacey's dog) comes to play with us in our backyard every once in a while. Savannah loves playing with him and gets so excited when he comes over.
 Can I just tell you how much I love this little girl! For the last month she has been sick on and off. The doctors couldn't figure out what was causing her to throw up inconsistently. We had to get her pricked multiple times while the doctors sent in her blood work to get tested. She still had this darling smile through out everything and was such a trooper! Whatever infection she had is now gone. I was just amazed at how she plugged through life with her sweet smile even when she wasn't feeling her best! Love my Tammy Lee!
 While we were at Home Depot Tammy Lee kept touching everything on the shelf. Every time I would tell her to not touch she would make a potty face and run to Savannah for comfort. It was making me laugh. Savannah loved every minute of it.
 My 25 week pregnant belly with out little boy!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

60 degrees in FEB?

We have had some amazing weather this month. We are loving getting out of the house. It is so rare for all the snow to be melted in february. We took full advantage because I doubt it will stay this way. The girls were in heaven playing at the park and being outside. I love watching them play together. They are such cute friends. (When they are getting along) :)

This fun, beautiful, sensitive, feisty, loving, girly, playful girl is almost 4. It is so fun watching her learn and grow. She brings Stephen and I so much joy and we can't wait to celebrate her special day!

My Sweet Sick Girl

Tammy Lee caught a nasty virus that lasted an entire month. It was pretty awful to say the least. It was really inconsistent and caused a lot of worry and stress trying to figure out what was going on. She would seem to be doing better for a couple days and then would revert back. She would throw up in the middle of the night and then the next day would be completely fine and happy. This went on for about a month on and off. 
The doctor had me take her to get some blood work done. She was amazing when she got pricked. I couldn't believe how still she was sitting. The nurses kept saying she was such an angel and so sweet. After they had got some blood samples and put a bandaid on she looked up at me and started to cry. The nurses were saying how funny it was that she was crying after it was all over instead of during. She is such a doll. Love my sweet brave girl!

This was my view on the days she wasn't feeling so well. She always wanted to be held and snuggled. It was exhausting at times but how can you not smile when you look down at that face.
 She also would wake up super early int he morning around 5 and request cereal. It finally caught up with her after the third morning of being up that early. 
 Another doctor appt. This place was like our second home last month.
 Still smiling and ready for the doctor to check her.
 Headed to get more blood work done because the 1st blood test showed some concerns.
The doctor said she had some cells called blast cells. Which can potentially be a sign of cancer. He said that blast cells can sometimes show up from a virus so he wanted us to wait a week and get more blood work done. Getting a call like that is a great way to completely stress a mom out. It was a hard week of worrying and lots of prayers hoping that her next blood test would be diff.
 Thankfully it was. Her blood test looked great and the doctor said the blast cells must have been from her virus. It has been about a week since she has thrown up so we are hoping whatever she had is passed.

Hives and Allergy Testing

We have had our fair share of doctor visits this winter. Savannah hasn't had any big virus but she broke out in hives one Sunday after eating a trail mix. I thought it was quite odd because she had eaten plenty of nuts in her days and never had any kind of reaction. I gave her some bendryl Sunday afternoon but the hives didn't clear up. I called the doctor the next morning and they said to try one more dose and if nothing happened to bring her in. 
I brought her in later that afternoon and they said I should probably get an allergy test done just to make sure she didn't have any nut allergies.

 The allergy test was not the most enjoyable experience. They pricked Savannah 18 times. Poor kid didn't know what was coming and neither did I. We had to wait 15 minutes to see if she had any reactions. In the picture you can see the top left was reddish. That was the testy and it is suppose to react on everyone. Luckily she had no allergies and was good to go. It is still a mystery as to what caused the hives but it is nice to know she doesn't have any sort of allergy.
 We celebrated and got some ice cream at chick fil a afterward. She was so brave!

Winter Fever

I have been finding lots of ways to entertain two busy girls inside when it is too cold to go out. These two are at such fun ages and I love that they play and interact so much. 

All ready for church! My sweet beautiful girls!
 When Tammy Lee learns how to smile I will kinda be sad. 
This is her smile when you tell her to say cheese! Its a classic.
 We do lots of fun play dates with cute friends in our neighborhood.
Savannah and Samida are in the same nursery class and are so cute. They love sitting by each other in Primary and always love to play with each others accessories.
 Painting is also a popular activity in our home. 
The girls know the drill... shirts off and then they can paint away!
 FHE was on Daniel in the Lion's Den. After we made some fun Lion crafts. 
The girls look forward to FHE every Monday and know it is always followed by a treat!
 I always have fun trying new things with the girls hair. 
Savannah requested I do Rapunzel hair and this is the best I could do. Lets pretend Rapunzel did her hair like this! ;)