Friday, September 30, 2011


Seriously, I could eat her!

I love her to pieces!

Photography done by the wonderful and amazing Maleen Cazier!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have been doing a lot of crafts lately. It has been tons of fun. Here are some recent ones:

I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby that was half off along with pink ribbon and made a little dress for Savannah. I didn't really know what I was doing and kinda guessed as I went but I think she looks pretty darn cute in it!
The finished product
Savannah wearing her new dress!
I made place mat purses for the little girls I teach. They are super easy and can be used for pretty much anything.

Kris and I made Fall wreaths for our front door. We bought wire wreaths from Hobby Lobby and bought most of the flowers and supplies from the Dollar store. It included black and orange tool, orange, white, and yellow flowers, green leaves, lime green ribbon, and black striped ribbon.
The wreath on my front door!
I bought the letters from Hobby Lobby and the yarn and twine from Walmart because it was cheaper. I ended up using the twine and took back the yarn.
All I did was wrap the letters with the twine and I loved the way it turned out.

Here is a closer look!
I Modge podged the letter "J" for Jett on a pumpkin to put on our front porch!
These are the supplies I used. Instead of the tool I ended up using black and silver ribbon.

Very easy and quick and looks cute on our front porch!

Crafting is SO fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer is over already?

This summer has come and gone so fast. We had a great summer but I am so excited for Fall. I am going to miss the hot summery days but I also love the chilly days fall brings. I love wearing winter boots, sipping hot chocolate, and cuddling up in a blanket!
Savannah is 7 months old now and is cuter than ever. I love this age! She has such a cute, sweet, spunky personality. She is staring to mimic sounds Stephen and I make. When we cough she coughs back... when we squeal she squeals back. It cracks me up!
Over memorial weekend we had our traditional family reunion in Idaho and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes vacations are difficult with a baby because their schedule gets thrown off but Savannah did so great... I was so relieved. The drive there and back was a piece of cake as well.

Savi and Todd are only a month apart.
They played together all day. They poked each other
in the eye, played with each others feet,
and squealed back and forth.
I love my cousins...they are the best! Brittany is
home from her mission so we were all able to
be back together again! WOO HOO
Out little family!
Savannah was so happy when Nana arrived!
Love my little girl!

I hope everyone had a great summer as well. It is sad it is already over but I think I am ready for fall! :)