Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve and Day!

Our Christmas fun started out with a very sick girl. On the Saturday before Christmas Savannah was not feeling to good. She had a high fever and was miserable. Luckily by Christmas Eve she was back to her normal self. But Wed night Tammy Lee came down with the exact same thing. She was SO miserable. This time of the year can be so hard with all the germs and viruses that are everywhere. We still made the best of it and both girls will feeling great on Christmas day so they had a lot of fun and LOVED opening all the fun presents!

We have decorated trains on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember. It is such a fun tradition. 

Here are a few pics of the different and creative trains!
This one is mine...

This is mom's

This is Chase's retro tie dye one

This is Stephen's

All the trains lined up

The girls on Christmas morning... they were in heaven!

Sledding on nana and papa's driveway!

Poor girl was miserable... it was a week full of snuggles and sleep.

SPENCER is home! My little brother got home from his mission and it was a blast having the whole family together for Christmas!

 Love my dad!

Sav and Tammy Lee got a kitchen from santa. It has been such a fun toy! They are quite the cooks!

And this is the face of a very sick girl... her eyes are so sad. It is no fun being sick!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Birthdays and Crafts

Stephen turned 28 on the 9th! We had so much fun celebrating. Savannah has started getting really excited about birthdays in our home. She helped me wrap his presents and make his cake. We did a little birthday weekend and celebrated on Saturday and Sunday even though Monday was his actual birthday. He was going to be gone all day monday with finals and studying so we wanted to celebrate before. Sat morning he opened his presented and I made some delicious Apple Crisp Oatmeal. We went out to eat with Stephen's siblings and their spouses Sat evening. Sunday we had a big dinner with my family at their cabin. It was a lot of fun! Happy birthday babe... love you!!!

I did this fun craft below for my Sister in Law Jessie for Christmas. I thought it turned out cute and I had a lot of fun making it.

Maleen and I got crafty and made some count down blocks for Christmas. I have always wanted these and had a blast making them!

Christmas Festivities!

Alterra put on a fun fundraiser that was full of Christmas games for the youngins. We wanted to contribute and it ended up being a lot of fun for Sav and T-Lee.

Tammy Lee wasn't so sure about Santa but she didn't cry. And don't let Sav's half smile fool you... she talked about sitting on Santa's lap for the rest of the week. When he asked what she wanted for Christmas she said, "Chicken and Candy" hmmm interesting! ;)

The fundraiser was full of fun games. Little "elfs" would pop their heads out of the box and the kids would bop their heads. Savannah loved this game!

Tammy Lee was a little skeptical of all the crazyness at first but she warmed up and joined in on all the action.

Craft making station... I had to join in on this one!

Chase and Jessie took T-Lee to the chalk hair station. Notice the red tint in her hair!

O look... Sav joined with the "elfs" and she popped her head out instead!

Butterfly face paint!

We had a lot of fun.. and it was for a great cause!

Time Out for Women!

Towards the end of November we had a girls weekend and headed to SLC Fri afternoon for Time Out for Women. Of course we had to stop at the outlets first and spend some money. You can't go on a girls trip without getting some shopping in. It was my first time being away from the girls overnight but knowing they were left in good hands with daddio I survived. It was a needed break and we all had a BLAST. 
I had never been to Time Our for Women and I highly recommend it. There were so many amazing speakers and it was very spiritual and SO uplifting. We are making it our new annual tradition!

Love my mom and my awesome sister in law Jessie!

One of my favorite things was getting millions of texts from Stephen with pictures of the girls. He is the cutest dad and I loved that he would update me. He had a great time with them and appreciated me so much more. Thats what I like to here!
Here are the pics he sent me throughout the day...