Monday, May 23, 2016

Sick Tammy Lee

Tammy Lee tends to get sick often. She will usually catch a cold and it tends to linger and doesn't get completely better. She is still as sweet as can be when sick and always needs some extra snuggles which I am so happy to give. I took her into the doctor and we got an x ray of her chest. She had pneumonia. :( She was so good at the doctors office and he kept saying how well behaved she was. She really is such a good girl!
After a couple days of antibiotics she was her smiley self and was the best helper to Hudson.
I love her so so much!

Marillynn Forsyth

I am so grateful that I was able to fly to Virginia celebrating the life of my dear Aunt Marilynn. I have come to understand that we can't fully appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now. I am so grateful for her example of faith, perseverance during hard times, her unconditional love for everyone, and her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

 Stephen did an amazing job watching all three kids while i was gone. He sent me these pictures while I was away!

Donuts, Park, and RACHEL May 2016

Rachel came to visit us in Oregon! She is so thoughtful and we love when she is around. She is 25 weeks pregnant and we can not wait to meet that little baby boy. These cute kids are enjoying a donut after our library trip.

 Savannah brought me this row of rocks and said she got them for me for Mother's Day! How cute is that?
 Tammy Lee will fall asleep everywhere. If she is tired she prefers to sleep in the exact location she is at instead of moving to the couch or something more comfy. Here she is eating her lunch while sound asleep. ;)
 T-Lee was so sad to see Rachel go. It was quite the adjustment for her. We loved having Rachel here with us!

 I had a fun lunch date with Shauna and Holly!
 Stephen took the girls to the grocery store to pick out ingredients to make homemade icecream. They had so much fun. Moments like this make me so happy. Stephen is such a good dad!

 Jessie and Ellie were in Oregon while Chase did some work. We had so much fun seeing them and letting the cousins play.
 Savannah fell face first on the cement while playing outside and got a huge fat lip. We are glad her teeth are still in tact and that she didn't need any stitches!

 I love my Aunt MArilynn She was so strong and inspired so many by her example of faith and love. She passed away on May 4th and today family and friends from all around the world are running in her memory!
 It is fun trying new hairstyles. I am currently loving this braid!
 Date night with Mason and Lorie. We just laughed the whole time!
 Who would have thought a handful of popsicle sticks, some hot glue, and some stain would make this cute addition to our picture wall!


We have a ONE YEAR OLD!
Hudson is:
-Crawling everyone
-Pulling up on everything and walking while holding onto things
-Loves to find the stairs and will crawl up them as fast as possible before I grab him
-Loves his daddy
-Drinks cows milk now and was recently weaned from nursing
-Is sleeping SO much better now that I am no longer nursing
-Is so busy and gets into everything. While i am doing the girls hair he completely destroys the entire bathroom and opens every cupboard and pulls down every basket
-Church has become impossible with this little stink. I am looking forward to him going into nursery
-He loves to be snuggled while his back is tickled
-Such a good eater. He tries whatever we are eating and usually loves it.
-Has 6 teeth and soon to be more with the excessive amount of drool that falls from his mouth.

April -May 2016

We have had some sunny days here in Oregon and we are soaking them up. After living in constant rain for four months we are so ready for blue skies and sunny days. 
I am so grateful for this family of mine. Being a mom can be hard. Some days it is so draining and exhausting. A child is always pulling at my  leg and needing me for something here or there. But there are moments throughout the day that make every difficult moment of being a mom so worth it. Like when Tammy Lee wraps her arms around my neck and says, "your the sweetest mommy ever." Or when Savannah picks draws a picture and runs to me so excited to show me what she has done. Or when Hudson nuzzles his nose in my shoulders and pops back up with a big grin on his face. Moments like these make my mommy heart smile and I know there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing then raising these little kids. 

I am so grateful for Stephen! He works so hard for our family. Not only does he go to work each day but he takes on side jobs and works some nights. He has been doing some legal work on the side and is really enjoying learning more and more. I love this guy!

 Hudson is growing way too fast. He just turned ONE! He is such a joy in our family. He makes us laugh with his cute mannerisms every day. He loves to scrunch his nose up while sniffing. It is so hilarious and random. He does it all the time and Sav and T-Lee crack up laughing each time.
 We love playing with the Lujan kids. Savannah and Luke go to preschool together and T-lee is so sweet to James. Stephen and Dan watch some tv shows together while Holly and I craft the night away. It has been SO fun!
 This is how we roll with the double stroller and sav on her bike!

 We sneak a date night in whenever we can. It may not be too often but I love when I can get away with just Stephen. Look how stinkin handsome he is!
 When you want your child to be happy on the drive so you give him a chocolate covered mango and then you turn around to see this!!
 Tammy Lee is as sweet as they come. She is so kind and sensitive. SHe is always thinking of others and will sacrifice her own wishes to make someone else happy. She said the prayer in primary yesterday adn one of the leaders came up to me after adn told me how darling and heartfelt Tammy Lee's prayer was in primary. I was so curious as to what she said and Angie said it was along these lines:
Deatr Heavenly Father,
Tank you for dis day. I lub my family and da scriptures. I lub da Holy Ghost. I lub Thomas S. Monson... he is da sweetest boy eber. Help us to be kind to eachother. Tank you for my home and for church and for all da people. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
 We are having so much fun having The Warr's in Oregon for the summer. It has been full of park playdates, hiking, and soon swimming!