Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome to Oregon!

We made it to Oregon and are living at an apartment until we close on our home. We close at the end of September and will move in after we get new carpet and floors. We are so excited to get settled and have a place to call home. I am getting excited to unpack and get every organized. 
In the meantime, we are enjoying swimming, parks, hiking, and exploring Oregon. It has been so fun to meet new people and spend time together as a family.
Stephen is LOVING his job. It really is so ideal for an attorney and we feel so grateful he got this job right out of law school.

Mom and Hudson watching the girls play at the park.
The girls enjoying ice cream on a hot and sunny day!
 Captured this pic on our walk to the park and it just may be my fav picture of all time. Sister make the best friends!
 It is very rare that I get alone time with Tammy Lee. Savannah and Hudson were napping so I took advantage of the time that I got to spend with just her. She chose to play play dough and I could tell she was so thrilled to have my undivided attention. She was cracking me up with her cute mannerisms. I just love my Tammy Lee!
 Smiliest baby ever. He makes me so happy!