Thursday, March 27, 2014

*The Darling Daffodil*

I started my etsy shop about 10 months ago and have had so much fun with it. It has been a lot of work yet so rewarding. I love being able to craft and make cute accessories for people. When I started it I only sold headbands but have expanded it and now sell headbands, hair clips, bow ties, and gum ball necklaces. Here are some of my most recent items and my awesome models who let me take loads of pictures of them for my shop.

These three handsome men are modeling a bow tie set. 

 Savannah and Tammy Lee are so great at letting me take pictures of them in bows and necklaces.

Go check out my etsy shop here!

Wishy Washy Weather

Utah has some serious weather issues. One day it is sunny and hot outside and the next it is snowing. I don't know about you but we are all ready for spring over here! 

It was so pretty outside and we got out our sandals and sunglasses.
 then the next day it was snowing... The girls didn't seem to mind though! We all bundled up and enjoyed some outside fun anyways!
 Ruth and I took our kids to feed the horses. he kids loved it but Tammy Lee was especially happy. She would crack up hysterically every time the horse would eat a carrot from her hand. It was sooo stinkin cute!
 Savannah is my little helper nowadays. She loves to be a part of whatever I am doing. Especially when I am making dinner or doing something in the kitchen. She helped me bag out green smoothies to put in the freezer. 
 This is Savannah's cute friend King. King's mom (Lorie) and I grew up together in GA and it has been so fun getting together and letting our kids play!

 Tammy Lee is a complete daddy's girl. She is attached to his hip whenever he is home. 
 The 18 month tantrums have begun. T-Lee was mad at this particular moment because I closed the freezer and wouldn't let her play inside it. O and she really loves to throw things in the toilet so we all have to make a constant effort to keep the bathroom doors closed. Gotta love her!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sisterly Love

I love that the girls are starting to interact more with one another and play. Half the time they are having so much fun playing and I hear tons of laughs which I love. The other half of the time they are mad at each other and one of them is usually crying about something. But I am loving how cute they are when they are playing well together. 
I was cleaning up after lunch and I heard Savannah and Tammy Lee cracking up upstairs. I grabbed my camera and snapped some pics. 
They are too cute!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

i could eat them...

Not really but they are pretty darn cute and I think we make a pretty great team. Love my little blonde sidekicks.

 It is so fun to watch Savannah draw. She is pro at drawing our family now and I can't get over her cute stick figures.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tammy Lee - 18 months

Tammy Lee is growing so fast. 
She makes us smile and laugh every day. 
She has so many cute and silly faces. 
She scrunches her nose up when she gives you a kiss and does the cutest "surprised" face. 
She is starting to warm up better to new people and isn't always attached to my leg. 
She is SO snuggly and loves to be held. 
She is obsessed with her binky. She likes the ribbon to be attached because she twirls it around her nose as she falls asleep. The day we take the binky away is a day that I am not looking forward to.
She loves to hold and rock her babies.
She will no longer let you spoon feed her and likes to eat on her own. Which makes for big messes so we usually just take her shirt off each time she eats.
She can say: mama, dada, up, all done, thank you, bye, and hi.
She understands a lot of what we ask her and is great at nodding her head yes or no. 
She is adorable...we love her to pieces!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matching dresses, polka dots, and silly smiles.

This post is full of pictures but I am so behind and I need to catch up on all thats been going on around here. So here we go...

I love matching the girls. Especially on Sundays!

Stephen was made for a house of girls. He was playing princesses with Savannah and I just wish you could hear the commentary.
Savannah 3 years old
 Tammy Lee 18 months

 We made a behavior chart for Savannah and once she filled the chart with stickers her prize was to go see Frozen. She did awesome and we had so much fun going to the movies. My fun cousin Stacey even joined us!
 During FHE one monday night Savannah wanted all her fav animals to be a part of it.
 Tammy Lee goes right along with whatever Savannah is doing. Cuties!
We have had our fair share of sicknesses this winter and I just hope it is over. Each one of us have caught a nasty virus but for the last couple weeks we have all been healthy. Its been a miracle!

 This pic melts my heart of Tammy Lee. Just wait for the next one though... moods change so quickly for an 18 month old. ;)

 Since it was so cold outside we got creative and brought the snow inside. Savannah was so entertained and loved playing with the snow and we even painted the snow with food coloring water.
 My cute cousin Whitney came in town. We always love when she stops by!
I love this guy.
 Earlier this week the weather was heavenly. We took full advantage and played outside almost all day!