Sunday, October 28, 2012


Savannah officially has enough hair for me to actually do some fun things with. One of my favorite parts of getting her ready for the day is being able to experiment and do cute things with her hair. The longer it gets the more fun I can have! ;)

I plop her right in the sink and she loves it. That is the only way I can get her to stay in one place while I do it. ;)

We had fun curling her hair and putting a little headband in. 

Love her and love that I can do her hair now!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Playing catch up...

Being a mom of two girls has been so great. I couldn't ask for a better baby and Savannah is doing so good with the adjustment to not having my attention all my time. I was mostly worried about how Savannah would do being only 19 months but it has been a breeze. She loves/adores Tammy Lee and is my little helper. She likes to help with the diaper changes by throwing away the diaper and when she hears Tammy Lee fuss she gets the binky right away and puts it in her mouth. I can't wait until T-Lee is older and they can really interact with one another.

This picture was taken right after I brought Tammy Lee home from the hospital. I was over the moon this day. It was so nice to have her home with us and to not go back and forth to the hospital multiple times a day. It was so sweet to watch Savannah meet her for the first time. She was giggling, pointing, and giving kisses. So sweet!

Stephen loves his little T-Lee. He is such a great dad and I know one day our girls will know how lucky they are to have him. The minute he gets home from a long day of studying at law school the books go away and he gives us his full attention. He chases and plays with Savannah until bed time. She gets so excited when she hears the garage door open and daddy is home!

My mom got Savannah this cute cabbage patch doll as a gift when Tammy Lee came home. Savannah adores this doll. She rocks it, swaddles it in a blanky, and even shares her smoothie with her.

I really need to remember to not put snack time close to nap time because this is usually the end result. But hey it makes for a cute picture thats for sure.

Grandma and Grandad Jett came to see Tammy Lee.

Like I said Savannah has been really good at distracting herself when I need to feed, hold, and change Tammy Lee. She came downstairs with a pair of my wedges and loved clomping/falling as she walked in them.

Tammy Lee is still on oxygen and the monitors which can be kind of a pain. There are chords and wires everywhere. When you hold her you have to carry tons of supplies on your shoulders. Giving her a bath and getting her dressed is a huge task. I am truly grateful for technology now a days though... she is doing so well despite being six weeks early and I will take the chords, wires, and luggage to carry around any day if it means my girl is healthy.

"HI" from Savannah!

Love these moments... they happen multiple times a day. Lots of kisses from Sav!

This little firecracker is getting so big. She has so much spunk and personality I love it! 
I can't believe she is already 20 months. Before I know it she will be turning two!
She LOVES this teddy bear. I mean LOVES... she tries to carry it everywhere and it cracks Stephen and I up cuz it is bigger than she is! She wants the teddy to eat next to her, do puzzles with her, sit by her when she watches Elmo, sleep with her...etc!

Well there ya have it... we are doing great. Adjusting well to life with two kids and feel so blessed for our sweet girls!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Home at last...

Tammy Lee is finally home with us! She came home Friday morning and it has been so nice having her here with us. I feel like our lives have gone back to normal now that I don't have to run to the NICU every 2 hours... that was not easy! Stephen and I love our little family of four and feel so blessed to that Tammy Lee is doing so well even though she was 6 weeks early.