Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We packed our bags last friday and headed up to Hobble Creek Canyon to spend Christmas with my family! It was such a fun getaway and it was so beautiful!

Here are my cute girls Sunday morning in their Christmas dresses! All ready for church!

Stephen and I took my parents four weheler out and had a blast driving it in the mountains! Have I mentioned how much I love having him home during this break!!!! :)

Christmas is SO fun with little kids. Savannah was loving every minute of it. She got so excited to open presents and would say, "WOW" "YAY!" She deff got so spoiled from everyone.. including Santa!

I am going to miss all the beautiful trees and lights now that Christmas is over.

Tammy Lee didn't think much of Christmas this year. She just sat back and relaxed. I am sure next year will be a little more fun for her!

Nana and Papa got Savannah the cutest pink bike. She rode it around all morning long.

Boy did it snow up in the mountains. We bundled Savannah up and played in it multiple times. Her dad and fun uncles even made her a huge slide. She was loving it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Daddy is home!

Stephen is officially done with his first semester of law school and gets a 2 week break before he goes back in January. We have all been in heaven having him home with us. I can't tell you how nice it is to have his help during the day. We have done tons of projects in the house that have needed to get done. Savannah loves waking up and having both mommy and daddy here. I am soaking it all in and not looking forward to him going back... 1 semester down and 5 more to go! ;)

He loves his girls!

My sweet T-Lee is 3 months old! I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by. My little preemie baby is already 11 pounds. I love her chubby cheeks and her cute smile. She is such a smiley baby and has such beautiful blue eyes. She is still so calm and content. She sleeps 6-8 hours during the night and is starting to coo. She follows objects back and forth. She immediately falls to sleep when she is swaddled. She loves bath time and loves being cuddled. We love our girl!

Savannah is still sweet as ever to her sister. She thinks it is pretty great when she sits by her and holds her finger. She constantly giver her kisses and hugs and is very discouraged when the baby isn't near. I hope this lasts!

Best Friends

I have a really good friend in my neighborhood named Trisha and her sweet little girl Olivia is the same age as Savannah. We do play dates at least twice a week and have so much fun. It is so fun to hang out with Trisha while we let the girls run around, play, eat snacks, and laugh. They are so funny together and are getting so much better at sharing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A cluster of events...

I need to get better at updating more regularly or else you will be hit with a million pictures in one post to try and play catch up. We are loving this time of year... it has been so fun having kids during the holidays. I spend my days with these cute girls and love every minute of it. Stephen has been SOOO busy with law school and finals and we usually only see him for an hour each day so we soak it all in when he is home with us. Savannah is especially thrilled when Daddy comes home. When I hear the garage door open I get her excited and as soon as he walks in she can hardly contain her excitement. The first thing she does is take off his jacket and shoes... to make sure he doesn't go back out that door. Then she gives him a big hug and immediately wants him to chase her. He chases her around the house and plays hide and seek until they are both too tired. There is nothing cuter than hearing her laugh hysterically while Stephen chases her!

I found this idea on pinterest and decided to give it a go. I made it all with felt and Savannah loves it! It will be fun to take out every year for the kids to play with. Next year Tammy Lee will be old enough to enjoy it as well!

I love having two girls. I love watching them interact. Tammy Lee is starting to smile and giggle and Savannah thinks it is so fun. Savannah was making T-Lee smile in this pic and Savannah was so proud! 

That face... those cheeks... that chin. My little preemie baby is getting so chubby! so cute!

Good morning to Savannah... this is what wakes me up at 7 every morning but how can you be mad when you walk in and see that grin!!

I made this for my little brother and cousin for Christmas. They are both serving missions and I thought it would be a fun gift to hand out to people. It was a lot of fun to make and I am so happy with the way they turned out. Thank you pinterest!

Savannah always pats the floor which means she wants Tammy Lee to lay next to her. She gets so excited and gives her plenty of kisses. She is still fascinated with her little fingers and toes. She has learned to be very soft and gentle with the baby. Often times she strokes her cheek and says, "soft."

I also made these candy trains for Spencer to hand out on his mission! So fun and I think they turned out really cute!

Is there anything cuter than the love a dad has for his little girl? Our 2 girls are so lucky to have him as their dad! 

Let me just say that 3/4 of the time Savannah is such a sweet, happy, funny, good girl! But 1/4 of the time she can be so stubborn and feisty! I guess that is why it is called the terrible two's! But the good outweighs the bad everyday!!! Below are some pics of her getting upset cuz I wouldn't let her have the camera. Notice the first pic where she is clenching her fist and saying, "noooo!" Gotta love it!