Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 15-20th

We are loving having Hudson as a part of our family. It is weird to think about life before he was born. He is such a perfect addition to our family and it is so fun watching him grow. 
He is almost three months old.... where does the time go?

Bath time in the sink with dad. He is lucky to have such a loving and hands on dad. They will be best buds i just know it. ;)
 Tammy Lee loves when we let her hold Hudson. She is getting better and better and making sure his neck is supported.
 Busy and exhausting day... can ya tell?
 Hold your hats people... Savannah is holding a bug. I never thought this day would come. She is usually terrified and almost in tears anytime she sees a bug.
 10 week old Hudson in moccasins and a bib from Aunt Rachel!
 Tammy Lee melts my heart. She is such a sweet and sensitive girl. She is testing my buttons right now though. She likes to see what she can get away with and is learning quick that when mommy says, "no"... I mean it.
 Hudson has a whole lot of love from his sisters. 

 My little potato heads!

 I spy.... ;)
 Hudson still isn't smiling much but I captured this picture and love it so much. 
I am so crazy about this little boy. 


Boating and 4th of July fun!

We had such a fun fourth of July weekend.
The girls went swimming with the William's family. My dad kept telling me how much fun he had watching the girls in the water. They both jumped in right away and loved every minute of it. They had no fear and wanted in on all the action.
Uncle Chase is so much fun and he took them out on the surf board. They were all smiles and did such a great job. Savannah even ended up standing up. 

 For the fourth of July we had a barbecue with Nana and Papa. My mom and I stayed home with Hudson during the day while Stephen and Papa took the girls to a carnival. 
Holidays are so much fun!

 I think there favorite part may have been the cotton candy.
Let the sugar high begin!

Friday, July 17, 2015

July 2015 Fun

We are getting ready to move in August so things are starting to get so busy but we are still enjoying our summer. The girls are having fun playing outside and with each other. They have adjusted so well to having a new baby and not having as much attention from me while I am feeding and taking care of Hudson. I sure love our family of five! 

When you want a toy so bad you could cry... we take a picture of it and send it to Santa.
 Savannah has become quite fond of potato bugs lately. Usually she wouldn't dare touch a bug but I convinced her potato bugs were nice and now she loves them. When Tammy Lee saw Savannah holding the bug she was hesitant but soon joined in and couldn't stop giggling.
 Look at that face... she makes it hard to ever say no with that sweet smile and big blue eyes.

 My little potato heads!

 I spy with my little eyes...

2 -3 month old Hudson

I can hardly believe Hudson is already 3 months old. He is deff my hardest baby so far. He wakes up every two hours at night and demands to be held the majority of the day. My days are so busy and it hard to get a lot done but he is such a joy in our family. He fits so perfectly and it is hard to imagine him not being with us. We are all smitten and he has 2 sisters that are like little mommies to him. They are so gentle and caring and love holding him any chance they get.

Bath time in the sink. 7.10.15

 Rachel sent Hudson these darling moccasins and bib. We love them so much.
 I am so crazy about this little guy... even though he keeps me up ALL night long.
 He hasn't started smiling too much but I caught one of the few he has given on camera. Makes my heart happy seeing that sweet smile.