Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ward baby shower!

One of my best friends Trisha planned a ward baby shower for me. It was so nice of her and it was so much fun! My sister in laws happened to be in town so they came along as well! I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone but we were having too much fun chatting! 

 Krystal, me, and Julie
 Lorie, Rachel, Me, and Jessie
 Ashley, Haley, Kaitlynn, and me
 Trisha and I

April 1-15th

Tammy Lee has been testing my patience lately. She is mostly sweet, snuggly, and pleasant but she must be going through a hard phase. She wants to be independent and do everything herself. Like go potty, put on her shoes, pick out her clothes, etc. I love that she wants to be independent but the frustration that comes along when she isn't able to do things herself can be exhausting. She gets so upset when she is struggling but doesn't want help so it is a never ending battle. 
On the other hand she is so stinkin cute.
A couple of my favorite things she has said lately:
1. We were snuggling one morning in my bed when she woke up. She was making me laugh and I said, "You are so cute Tammy Lee, can you be mine forever?" She thought for a minute and said, "No mama, I daddies... you can have Savy Jane otay?"
2. Savannah and Tammy Lee were trying to jump off the couch to catch a balloon on a string. I noticed that Tammy Lee ran upstairs and came down with her fairy wings on. She attempted to jump off the couch again to catch the balloon and ended up rolling her ankle and was bawling. After she calmed down I was holding and comforting her and she said, "mama, the wings didn't work." 
 I splurged and bought a gel nail kit. I am loving it so much! No more nail chipping! :)

 I always have fun putting gifts together. My cousins and I  made this for Elysse (our other cousin) who was going through a hard time. It is a sunshine basket consisting of all things yellow! :)
 Watching Savannah play is so fun. She is so naturally athletic and picks up on things so quickly. Uncle Travis taught her how to ride on a long board and they had a blast. 
 Uncle Spencer and Tammy Lee enjoying a sunny day!
 32 week belly!
 The difference in length when I straighten Tammy Lee's curls!
 Their darling Easter dresses Nana got them! Love these two so much!

 I found this idea on pinterest and thought it was such a fun gift idea. I bought the pitcher from target and filled it with 1 cup sugar and 7 lemons. I attached a little recipe card I printed and backed with scrap booking paper. A fun little birthday, housewarming, or thank you gift for a friend for under $10. :)

April Fun (Easter 2015)

So far we have had a great month! The weather has been beautiful for the most part and we have enjoyed playing outside. Easter weekend was a blast with the girls and they really enjoyed going on egg hunts and getting lots of candy.

Tammy Lee found some sunglasses and walked around the house in them almost all day. ;)
 When finals arrive we don't see much of Stephen because he is so busy studying. He likes us to come see him at school for a short time every couple days. The girls think it is so fun to go to "Daddy's school."

 My dad and I took the girls to see Cinderella. They had so much fun going with Papa and we all loved the movie!
 Time for our saturday morning easter egg hunt. These two could not wait!

 Showing off their treasures. Savannah was most excited about a little stuffed rat she picked up. 
 We are going to miss our neighbors when we move this summer. The girls run around and play with them outside multiple times a week. Tammy Lee 2 1/2, Savannah 4, Kaitlynn 5, Hailey 7.
 We have been busy getting ready to put our house up for sale. We have done a lot of touch up painting, added new light fixtures to all the bathrooms, power washed the house, texturized and painted the ceilings, pulled out the rose bush, yard work, etc. 
Here is Stephen power washing the house!
 The Easter Bunny came and the girls loved finding their baskets. We had a great day watching conference and really tried to emphasize that Easter Sunday is a time to reflect on our Savior and the resurrection. 

 My view.... 32 week belly with baby boy! 
 The easter bunny even came to nana and papa's house! LUCKY!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sweet Puppy (March 31st, April 1st, April 2nd)

Savannah is a dog lover. Her mom is not sadly. So we don't have a dog but we do babysit diff dogs now and again so she gets her fix. She loved this little pug dog we have been watching for the last week. I mean LOVED! His name is Zion but she calls him puppy. She is so sweet and gentle with him and he loves her! He follows her all around the house and constantly wants her to pet him. She will be so sad when we have to say bye. 

 While we were watching tv Savannah put her hand on my belly and said, "I love baby brother so much." "He loves when I touch your belly huh mom."
They had so much fun dyeing and decorating Easter Eggs!
 A fun afternoon with Grandma Jett. She took us to the tulip festival and we really enjoyed spending time with Grandma and had fun looking at all the pretty flowers.

 Dentist check up. Both girls were so brave. They told me that Tammy Lee is the best two year old they have ever had. She let them take all the x ray pictures and thought it was so fun to have them brush and paint her teeth with fluoride. The best part is NO CAVITIES! Yay!

Girls day out!

Saturday the girls (my mom, sister in laws, cousin, and aunt) went out for a fun afternoon. We saw the new Cinderella movie, went shopping, and then to the Women's Conference. 
Stephen was so sweet to take the girls for the day and let me have some time out and about. 
I am so lucky to have some amazing girls in my family!

Jessie, Rachel, Mandy, me, Mom, Aunt Jessie, Elysse, and Atlas
 Jessie 21 weeks and me 30 weeks pregnant :) 
Excited for these little cousins to be cute friends!

 Bria looked so beautiful on her wedding day! Tammy Lee kept saying, "I want to hug the princess mommy!" She finally got to hug the princess after running so fast she face planted. Poor kid. haha

March 2015

These two love playing outside. We have gone on lots of walks and have been to lots of parks lately because the weather has been so nice! 
 Savannah loves to color and always makes the cutest pictures. She drew this picture of our family and wrote her name.
 Tammy Lee was sick for about a week in march. She had a fever, runny nose, bad cough, and even threw up a couple times. It was so sad and so exhausting. This is a picture of me trying to make dinner and the only way she would let me get anything done is by setting her on the counter and letting her hug me.
 We usually go to the library every other week and enjoy story time and pick out some new books to bring home. The girls get to wear fun capes and play with puppets. They love it!
 I love these two and their twin hair!

 30 week belly with Hudson!
 Zupas lunch date with family. Tammy Lee loves Uncle Travis!
 EEK! I bought a new diaper bag and LOVE it. It is so roomy and has great pockets to keep everything organized. I am in heaven!
 She was throwing a fit and fell asleep like this. The joys of a two year old. ;)