Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We love this time of year! 
We have had fun visiting Santa and participating in fun Christmas activities.
The most special part of this time of year is remember the birth of our Savior. We took the kids to a live Nativity and it was such a sweet experience. I hope they can always remember the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ. I feel so grateful for his birth, the life he led, and the sacrifice he gave to us all. I am so glad I have the opportunity to share this with my children and see their eyes light up in awe while we tell them about our Savior's birth.

Thanksgiving with Family

This was our first Thanksgiving in Oregon and we were so lucky to have my side of the family come visit. We have missed them so much and it was a big party having everyone here for a week. We are so grateful for family. We had a blast shopping, playing games, watching Christmas movies, and just chatting. We miss them already.

What would I do without my mom? I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, helpful, supportive, and loving mother and Nana to my kids. Look at Hudson's face... he is just as excited as I am to have Nana here!

 We played this hilarious game with everyone. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a while.

 Stephen was in charge of the turkey this year and he took it very seriously. He worked hard and everyone loved the outcome of his hard work.

We were so sad to see family go back home but look forward to spending more time together during Christmas.

Hudson 7 months old

Can't believe Hudson is 7 months old. Seriously once you have other kids the baby of the family grows way too quickly. Hudson is such a joy to us all. The girls adore everything he does and love making him laugh and smile. He has the sweetest gummy grin paired with big blue eyes. 

Below is an insert from instagram that I posted on November 29, 2015:
My sweet Hudson is 7 months old. He is deff my hardest baby in terms of sleeping and wanting to be held all the time. He is just learning to roll from back to tummy and is starting to scoot around on his tummy. He can't quite sit up on his own but so badly wants to. He puts anything and everything in his mouth. He has reddish blonde hair and blue eyes just like his dad. His right eye is always red because he has a clogged tear duct which means I am constantly wiping it. He is a total mamas boy and if I am in the room he will whine until I hold him. I love that as soon as we get to his crib he nuzzles his head into my shoulder bc he knows it is nap time. His sisters can make him laugh hysterically. He gives extra wet kisses followed by a big gummy grin. He has the cutest and droopiest cheeks. He is finally sleeping better and I am thrilled to not be waking up 5+ times a night. This little boy melts my heart. 💙💙
 I love him so much and feel so grateful I get to be his mama.

Random Fall Fun

We are enjoying our new home and having fun exploring the new city we live. Aside from terrible traffic we have really loved it here. Here are a bunch of pictures and things we have been up to...

This is one of my favorite sites will making dinner.
 Savannah plops herself right up on the barstool and loves to chat and help me make dinner. 
 This little man is attached to my hip. I have never had a baby that wants to be held as much as he does. When he is awake I am pretty much holding him the majority of the time. I have become quite good at doing things with one hand.
 Tammy Lee fell off the couch and bonked her head. No worries though... Daddy made it all better!
 My heart could burst. I  love these three so much!
 Hudson hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet so I asked Sav to sit behind him while I grabbed something. When I came back this is what I saw. haha TEAM WORK!
 Love this little man so much!
 Stephen was busy working in the yard and I saw Savannah putting snacks in her purse. She came to me and asked if I could make sandwiches. I asked her why and she said that Daddy was working so hard so she wanted to surprise him and have a picnic with him. I thought it was so sweet. She was so proud and excited to tell him. Stephen acted so excited to have a picnic with her and she was grinning from ear to ear.  I never want to forget these sweet moments.
 Savannah has made fast friends in Oregon. This is her friend Aron who goes to preschool with her. They are so cute together. She is my social butterfly!
 My favorite boys!