Friday, April 15, 2016

A little bit of sunshine...

We have seen a little bit of sunshine the last week here in oregon and we are soaking it all in. We have spent a lot of time outside going on walks, playing at the park, and playing with our neighbors on the driveway. We know the rain will come back soon so we are enjoying every bit of sunshine while it lasts. 
Hudson loves his Dad. The second he walks in the door his legs start kicking and his arms start flapping. Stephen loves every minute of it.
 Preparing dinner each night can often be the most stressful part of the day. Mostly bc Hudson wants to be held and reaches for all the food and cries the second I try to put him down. Other nights it is so enjoyable. Savannah and Tammy Lee usually crawl up on the counter and love to help. We talk about our day and they tell me what there fav part was. I love these little moments. 
 Hudson with a hat is too cute to handle. He is 11 months old and is crusin around. He is still army crawling but manages to get to whatever he is interested in. He is pulling up on everything and goes from laying down to sitting now. 

 Savannah was tickling Stephen's back and she ended up falling asleep along side him. So sweet!
 Looky here... the other little one fell asleep with Dad! Aren't I the one thats suppose to be napping? I mean come on.. I am the one awake with the baby at night! ;)

 Hudson thinks he is so sneaky now that he can get into the cabinets now. He is interested in anything but his baby toys. 
 Now that Hudson is attempting to pull up on things... this is usually the aftermath.
 4.4.16 - Stephen and I always check on the girls before crawling into bed. I have occasionally found them laying in weird positions or with books covering their beds but I couldn't stop laughing at what I saw tonight. Looks like Tammy Lee crawled into Savannah's bed and for some odd reason Savannah's head is inside a laundry basket. haha
 When did Savannah get so big? She is growing and learning so much!
 I wish I could bottle up 3 year old Tammy Lee and keep her forever. She is as sweet as can be!

 Tammy Lee crawled into my lap and asked me to sing her a song. Before I finished she was sound asleep. This rarely happens anymore so I had to soak it in.

 Love when I get some spare time to organize and de-clutter. I recently read a book that has inspired me to only keep what I love and what we use. I found those liners at the dollar store and love the little detail it adds to my cabinets. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jett Family get together!

Next we visited Grandma and Grandpa Jett and had a blast! It was such a fun time being with the Jett side of the family. The girls loved seeing their cousins again. It was so fun watching them run around and play. 
Grandma is so sweet and loves spending quality time with the grandkids. She reads to them, colors with them, does puzzles with them, and even cooks with them. Savannah and Grandma made homemade biscuits together and T-lee and Grandma made popcorn balls. They loved every minute of it! 
Granddad Jett always took opportunities to teach the girls. He taught them about his spanish course he is taking, worked on letters with them, and read with them.
I am so grateful to have such great grandparents on both sides.

The adult sisters had a fun lunch out while the boys took the kids. It was so fun spending time with them since I don't get to see them much anymore now that we live in Oregon. 

I also went and visited some of my great friends in Utah! I met up with Trisha, Chelsea, Maleen, and Maryanne. We met for lunch and had a late night chatting and just having fun being together again!
I love that we can pick up right where we left out. 

We were sad to leave on Friday. On our way home we had about two hours left and Tammy Lee was done being in the car. I told her that we only had two hours left and then we will be home in Oregon. She started and crying and said, "I don't want to go to Oregon... I want to go back to Utah."
I think we are all missing Utah!!

Williams Family get together!

We had such a fun weekend in Utah. We made the 12 hour drive and enjoyed being with my family for the weekend. It flew by way too fast and we were all in heaven being back together again. We played games, went to Thanksgiving Point, laughed at the babies, watched movies, ate great food, and enjoyed Easter Sunday all together!
It was weird being back in Utah since we no longer live there. We miss it so much!

 Papa sneaking Hudson a cookie! 

 Enjoying the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point.

 Easter Sunday (Loving the toe point Savy ;))

It was hard saying bye to everyone again. Especially Nana and Papa. Tammy Lee cried long enough for the rest of us. She was really sad to leave NANA! Although it is hard to live far away... it makes gatherings like this so special!