Sunday, March 20, 2016

Visiting the coast + more

We spent a saturday in Tillamook, Oregon visiting the coast and exploring the Tillamook factory. I love/adore this family of mine and love going out on outings together. We are having fun exploring Oregon!

 I have been reading a book about tidying up and only keeping things that spark joy. It is called "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up." It has really changed my perspective on what I buy and keep in my home. A clean and organized space clears my mind and brings me joy.

Hudson James (10 and 11 months)

Hudson is getting bigger and bigger everyday! He is 11 months old and is still a handful but oh SO lovable. He weighs 19 pounds and is in the 35th percentile for weight.
He is currently breaking 4 teeth through on top and has been drooling like crazy. 
He has been more cranky and clingy then normal... prob due to all this teeth pushing through. Poor boy!
He has recently learned how to army crawl but will only be happy if I am in the room while he plays and crawls around. The second I walk away it is game over and he will cry until I pick him up.
Hudson has had a rough start to 2016. He has been sick on and off with ear infections and congestion. He ended up being allergic to an antibiotic and was covered in hives. 
It has been a rough couple months for mama and baby but we are getting through it and he is doing much better.
He loves going on walks and looking around at all the fun things outside.
He loves swinging on the swing at the park.
Loves when I bounce him on my knee and play peekaboo.
Smiles with his big open mouth grin at people everywhere we go.
Stephen loves that he is now reaching for him and feels so comfortable with daddy.
We adore this little boy and can't believe he has almost been in our lives for a year!
We love you Hudson!

Savannah Jane

I can hardly believe Savannah is 5 years old! I remember to well when she was born and it is hard to believe she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I am excited but also nervous. Our home isn't as lively and spunky without Miss Savy home. 
Savannah loves preschool and is learning so much right now!
She is always up for fun and makes friends everywhere we go.
She loves to craft and color. She will color pictures multiple times a day.
Savannah loves her friends and loves giving them presents and making cards for them. She is constantly creating things to give to others and loves to make people happy.
She is an amazing helper with Tammy Lee and Hudson. She helps by distracting Hudson and making him laugh when I need to make dinner. She also unbuckles Hudson's and Tammy Lee's seat belts when we are getting out of the car.
She has become so independent and can make her own toast, pours milk in her cereal... etc.
She loves doing the monkey bars and is very athletic and competitive. We really need to get this girl in some sports. 
She loves the bike she got for her bday and says that it is the "fastest bike ever."
It is such a joy watching her grow and learn!
We love you Savannah!

Little Miss Tammy Lee

Here is an update on my fav three year old!
There is no 3 year old that melts my heart as much as this one.
Tammy Lee has the sweetest and most tender soul. She is sensitive and sweet and loves everyone. She will often come up to me and say, "I need mama and T-Lee snuggles." 
I love when I get to have one on one time with her. She likes to play barbies, build with blocks, and read books. 
She loves plopping herself on the counter and "helping" me cook dinner each night. 
She is a pro at setting the table and loves eating dinner as a family.
Her fav dinner I make is spaghetti but she will eat and try pretty much anything.
She gives such sweet and heartfelt prayers.
She always reminds us that we cant forget to read scriptures before bed.
She will often sneak into our bed at night and will snuggle right next to Stephen.
She was very sick at the end of January with pneumonia but quickly recovered after an antibiotic.
She is grinding her teeth a lot at night and we are trying to figure out how to teach her to stop.
She makes Stephen and I so happy!
We love you Tammy Lee!

V-Day and St. Pattys Day

I have so much fun decorating and planning special things for the kids during the holidays!
The girls got V-Day packages from Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Granddad. They were in heaven opening their surprised on Valentines day. Stephen and I picked out their fav brand of stuffed animals and had them setting out for them when they woke up!

Tammy Lee is showing of her v-day goodies!
 The girls decorated the window with some fun things from Grandma and Granddad Jett

 We all know I had to have a little fun with their hair!
Poor Hudson was so miserably sick this day. He was covered in hives bc he was allergic to his antibiotic. :(
 My love!

 My heart was breaking for this poor boy who was so miserable!
 Next was St. Pattys Day. Our little Leprechaun friend came and left green juice for Hudson, Lucky Charms and green milk for the girls. They were so giddy and happy. I love the joy simple things like this bring to little kids minds. I was just as happy watching their darling reactions. 
Hudson dutifully picked out all the lucky charms from his tray. This little boy already knows whats good in life. 

 The best part was the girls reaction when they saw our little leprechaun friend had to go potty!! He wasn't very sneaky about it and forgot to flush!

 That night was had a fun dinner with the Lujans. We are so glad we have met some really great friends here in Oregon!