Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had Christmas at our home for the first time! It was so fun to get all the girls stuff set up. My mom, Dad, and Spencer joined us as well. 

 The girls could hardly contain their excitement and waited by the stairs patiently until we said they could come down.
 So many smiles and a whole lot of squeals. Savannah quickly opened all her presents while Tammy Lee stared at one and played with it for a while before moving onto the next one. We sure love our girls.

Christmas Eve with the Jett's

We spent Christmas Eve with Stephen's family this year. It was so fun to see the girls play with all their fun cousins on the Jett side. We had a big dinner and enjoyed a program. The kids dressed up, we sang songs, read stories, and opened presents. Savannah was Mary and Tammy Lee was Baby Jesus. They were darling and loved getting dressed up. Christmas is such a fun time and it is so important to remember our Savior during this special time. It has been so good remembering and thinking about the birth of the Savior this month and focusing on all the Savior did for each one of us. What a blessing it is to have the knowledge we do from the gospel. We are so very blessed!

Early Christmas with the Williams

We had an early Christmas with my side of the family since it was everyone's off year. Meaning we were with the in law families. We celebrated on Sunday and opened Christmas presents from one another. We had a blast eating a delicious dinner, making gingerbread houses, and opening presents. Christmas time is so much fun with kids. The girls squealed and smiled so much while running around and opening different presents. 

Babysitting Violet!

We babysat my cousins cute little girl, Violet for a week while they were in Mexico. The girls loved having a little friend to play with all the time. We had a blast and I wanted to include some of the fun pictures from the week!

Stephen's birthday and December fun!

Stephen is 29! We had so much fun celebrating. The girls get so excited and love shopping and finding presents for daddy and picking him out a cake. We enjoyed a big Sunday dinner with family and bought an ice cream cake from Cold stone. 
 My  parents also watched the girls so we could celebrate again and went to Carrabas for his favorite steak dinner. Happy birthday babe!
We don't see much of Stephen when he is studying for finals at the end of each semester. We went to visit him and took a walk to the BYU creamery. It was so fun to spend time together on his birthday.
 We also did a big family breakfast at Kneaders!
 I took the girls to visit Santa at the mall. It was free for a visit but cost over $20 for a picture so we just did a free visit. They got tasty suckers and a cute reindeer hat. Tammy Lee ran straight to Santa and wasn't scared at all. Savannah hid behind my leg for a couple seconds but once she saw Tammy Lee sitting on his lap she came and joined her!
My 14 week belly. This still doesn't feel real being pregnant again.
We are getting so excited for our new addition! 
 Always a fun time seeing STACEY!
Ward Christmas Party fun.
 Still no snow... so we bundled up and played outside one afternoon!

 These cousins sure do love each other!
 I love to match them. I hope they let me for a while. They are too cute!