Monday, January 18, 2010

School... School... School

I started school at BYU two weeks ago. I wasn't ready to go back to school and on top of that attend a completely new school. So far, I am really enjoying BYU... I do miss BYU-Idaho but I am adjusting well to BYU. It's fun being able to experience both schools! There are deff a lot of differences between the two... especially the size and amount of people. I am on my first semester in the Elementary Ed Program. It is SO refreshing to take classes for my major instead of generals.
This LONG weekend has been wonderful. Stephen and I have had so much fun with family and friends. We spent Friday night with the Wrights, Saturday we went to Color Me Mine which is a pottery place and you get to paint the pottery you choose (I recommend it, it was so much fun), and Sunday night we spent the evening with our family celebrating Rachel's birthday. Tomorrow is back to school so I should be doing homework and studying but I decided to write in our blog first! ;)

Georgia is so adorable. Look how chubby she is... we always take all her clothes off to see all those rolls. hahaha


ICESKATING with the Shaums!

I forgot to mention that Chelse and Ryley came to Provo and we had so much fun seeing them again. I missed them tons!



  1. OH!!! I miss you so much!!!! Please call me!

  2. You guys are always so happy and having so much fun! Love it! Good job keeping up the blog :)