Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amanda's Baby Shower!

Megan and I hosted Amanda's baby shower at my place on Saturday morning. It was a blast and tons of people showed up. Megan did an amazing job planning... she is so good at those kind of things. I just helped her put some things together and we had a blast. We are so excited for Amanda to have her baby in October... she is having a baby girl and she will be such an amazing Mom!

Me, Amanda, and Megan
Megan and I
The yummy food. Chicken salad crescents, pretzels, chips, and fruit!
Some fun decor
Delicious cupcakes. Don't look to close... we weren't the best at frosting ;)

The candy bar. My favorite part ;)

I am so sad I didn't get pictures of Amanda opening all her presents. I was occupied with all the cute babies everywhere. I was holding this 3 week old baby and I just melted. He was so sweet... I can't wait for baby Jett to get here. Well, maybe I can cuz I am deff enjoying my good night sleeps. haha ;) We find out the gender in 4 weeks. Woo Hoo

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  1. Oh Jenaca, your pregnant and still looking as skinny as ever! How do you do it!! I look forward to hanging out with the two of you.