Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today we had a sister-in-law day! We do it once a month and switch houses each time. This month it was at my house and we decided to eat lunch and go to the park. It was such a fun afternoon. I have some really great sister-in-laws as well as some of the cutest nieces and nephews! (We did miss Rachel, Christy, and Andrea though :(
This was the first time I put Savannah on a swing and she was LOVING it! I love her sweet smile. She was kicking her legs back and forth and loved watching her cousins run around and play. It was perfect weather and we all had a great time including the little kiddos.
Here are some fun pictures from our day at the park!

I love this pic. The sun was in her eyes but she still gave me her big cheesy smile!

We put Hazel and Savannah in a swing together and they were loving it!
haha Hazel had fun gnawing on the back of the swing!
Look at those cheeks... dont you just want to kiss them!
haha.. there is a little story behind this pic. Sarah and I were pushing Savannah and Wyatt and decided to get a little ab workout while we did it. Each time the swing came towards us we had to do a sit up and come back up to push them the other direction. It was fun and it was DEFF a good work out!

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather before it gets COLD!!


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  1. LOVE this time of year AND those adorable chubby cheeks! :)