Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5K & Savannah

Stephen and I ran a charity run at his work and had a lot of fun. It was a 5k which is about 3.2 miles. We had so much fun doing it together and I was pretty proud of myself for being able to run the race without stopping at all to walk. It was quite the accomplishment for me because I am not the best runner! ;)

Here is Stephen getting ready to run!
All sweaty and tired after the run.
Friday night my little brother opened his mission call. He is going to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida mission. He will be speaking Spanish and is leaving December 21st. Ahhh we are SO excited for him. He will be such an amazing missionary and I am so proud of him! I LOVE YOU SPENCER!
My little Savannah is not so little anymore. She is growing up so fast it is crazy. Sometimes I just want to stop time so she can be this little forever.
We love reading books together and she has started picking up books and turning the pages herself. So cute.. melts my heart every time!
We bought this little Santa hat for Savannah and didn't think she would keep it on her head. We put it on her all the time and she just leaves it on her head and doesn't seem to mind one bit. I love it!
She is now pulling herself up on everything... her crib, the bath, the couches, our legs.. its so fun to see her figure new things out everyday!
Just hanging out!
Such a happy girl. I am so lucky to be her MOM!
I put shoes on Savannah for the first time to try and keep her socks on and she wasn't so sure about what to think of them. Eventually she would just kick them off her feet!

As you can see... Our lives revolve around our sweet girl... we just can't get enough of her!

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  1. Way to go running a 5k. I know that isn't a piece of cake.

    And I'm so excited for Spencer. For some reason, I thought all your brothers were older and back from missions. (Not sure why I thought this, probably because I like to pretend you are closer to my age and not TEN years younger than me!!) He will be such a great missionary.

    And of course, Savannah is darling. I mentioned something about Kellie Eddy and her daughter Savannah today and Daisy patiently informed me that YOU were Savannah's mom. Well, she is right.