Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas time... the lights, the snow, the sweaters, the hot chocolate, the bon fires, the decorations, and the cuddling. I love this time of year!
Stephen and I got a little anxious and put our decorations up a couple days before Thanksgiving... I know I know that is forbidden but we couldn't help it. We like to enjoy our Christmas tree as long as possible. I was worried that it would be a pain keeping Savannah away from pulling down all the ornaments but it hasn't been a problem at all due to our floor plan which is nice. Every time I take her to the tree she looks at it in awe and always wants to play with the glittery ornaments. They are plastic so I have given her a few to play with and she is in heaven! Christmas is even more fun now that we get to share it with Savannah!!!!

Here are our Christmas decorations... enjoy!


  1. Haha. Your "forbidden" decorations are pretty darn cute!

  2. Jenaca, come decorate my house. you're better at it than i am. :)

  3. LOVE your decorations. THey look awesome!