Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love Flashes

I love these two! I never knew being a mom could be so rewarding. I am having so many love flashes this morning and wanted to write down my thoughts! 

 Savannah is such a sweet big sister. She loves Tammy Lee and loves to give her kisses and hugs every time she is near. If she is fussy she will run over and give her the binky or pat her back. She is fascinated by her little toes and fingers and loves when T-Lee will hold her finger. It will be so fun when Tammy Lee is older and they can play together. 

 Tammy Lee is the perfect newborn. She is very calm and very content. She is such a great sleeper and was a pro nurser from the get go. Her little neck is getting stronger and she is getting bigger everyday. There is a sweet spirit that a newborn brings to your home... they are so fresh from heaven and we are loving every minute of having her in our family!


No more oxygen for Tammy Lee! WOO HOO!

She loves the binky. I am kinda loving it because Savannah never would take the binky. I know it will be hard taking her off the binky but I am loving it for convenience right now!

Getting some good use out of the double stroller thats for sure! The weather has been nice this last week and we have been taking full advantage!

I love this coat my mom got Savannah. She is growing up so fast!

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  1. Love your family! You are an amazing mother, I look up to you so much Jenaca!!