Monday, October 7, 2013

Tammy Lee is ONE!

Tammy Lee turned ONE on September 19th. I am almost a month behind on writing this post but better late than never. 
We had so much fun celebrating her 1st birthday with family and friends. We got together at a park near by and did an ice-cream themed party. I got all the labels from my great friend Lorie's PantonePearl Etsy shop. She is so talented and I loved how it turned out! 

This year has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday when I brought Tammy Lee home from the NICU and she was on oxygen and monitors. She was such a trooper and I am so glad she is so healthy even though she was premature. She is such a great addition to our family. Happy birthday to my fun, loving, smiley, curious, energetic, sweet, stubborn, snuggly Tammy Lee!!

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