Monday, June 9, 2014

The Butterfly Exhibit

My lovely cousin Stacey stayed with us last week while her husband was in New York for work. They just so happen to be in Houston this summer doing internships as well. It was such a blast spending the week together and the girls were loving it. We ventured to the butterfly exhibit on Friday and had a blast. I couldn't believe how much the girls loved looking at all the bugs and little critters. Eek!

Their first find were these neon yellow frogs. 
They would crack up each time they would jump. 

 Ewwww that bug is HUGE. Tammy Lee was so intrigued but would scream 
each time the bugs would start crawling towards the front of the glass. haha

 I attempted to trick Stephen and tell him we found this in our apt.  
I couldn't fool him… bummer!
 This just might be the best picture of the day… haha love ya Stacey!
 They had a rainforest where all the beautiful butterflies flew around. 
It was so fun to see!

 Savannah was really enjoying finding a butterfly and than matching it
to the butterfly identification page we were given.

Such a fun day… if you are ever in Houston I highly recommend the butterfly exhibit!

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