Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where is the snow?

I can't believe it is December and we have no snow on the ground. It has been a good thing for me because I have been late raking all the leaves in our yard. Stephen doesn't get home until after 6 and by that time it is pitch black so I had to get creative and figure out how I could rake and bag on my own. Of course Savannah was "my little helper." I decided to hook the bags on the fence and place the leaves inside that way. It was a challenge but I bagged 36 bags of leaves. Glad that is over with! 

 The girls love going to Provo Beach resort and playing. We usually don't go on the carousal because it is $1.50 for a 30 second right per kid. But they had done so great for our family pictures they got a special little treat. They loved every second of it.

 My Sweet Savannah Jane is almost 4. That is so crazy to me. It is so fun watching her learn and grow. 
 We had a nice little date night at Cafe Rio. A place we will miss very much when we no longer live in UTAH!
 I mean seriously... this little girl melts me with her smile. 
Last week during FHE we were saying the closing prayer and then we were going to eat our FHE treat. Tammy Lee kept running around and wouldn't sit still for the prayer so we told her she couldn't get a treat unless she sat for the prayer. She continued to run and play. After the prayer, we all began to eat our treat and she was devastated she couldn't have one. We explained why its important to sit and listen during a prayer and asked if she wanted to try again. She happily agreed this time and after saying the prayer she got a treat. The next day, I was in the kitchen and Tammy Lee came in, plopped down on her knees, folded her arms, closed her eyes and started praying. I looked down at her and said, "are you praying?" She squinted one eye open and said, "Yes mama, I want candy." Remembering that cute moment still makes me smile. Love my sweet innocent Tammy Lee. 
 Have I mentioned what an awesome eater Tammy Lee is? She is willing to give anything a try and loves eating good healthy foods. She requested I make her a salad for lunch and that girl gobbled every last bit of lettuce, carrots, and celery up. Is this really my girl?

 We got a little bit of snow and the girls took it all in. They were in heaven. We are hoping for a white christmas but right now the chances are looking slim! 

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