Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Holy Cow we are still in shock that a little boy will be joining our family this year! We can't wait for a new addition and are so excited for it to be a BOY! 
Stephen and I went to the appt and had no idea what to expect. We both thought it would prob be another girl and really would have been happy either way. His little legs were crossed during the ultrasound, so for a while the nurse couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl. Finally he kicked his leg, and she snapped a pic and said, "Oh... that is a boy!" Stephen and I looked at each other in shock with huge smiles on our faces we could hardly believe it. Stephen is so excited to have a little guy he can wrestle, watch football with, and go on father son camp outs. 
Savannah really really wanted a baby brother and as soon as we got home she said, "is it a it a boy?" After telling her yes she jumped up and down and kept saying, "I wanted a brother so so bad!" Tammy Lee was a happy little camper as well but I don't think she fully understood. She probably wont be too thrilled when baby brother is born and she is no longer the baby. haha


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