Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saying bye to our first HOME!

We bought our first home in 2010. I was pregnant with Savannah and we tore up all the carpet and floors and re-did everything. We put a lot of work into this home and loved all the upgrades. We painted every room, put in new baseboards, upgraded the kitchen, put new carpet and wood floors in, built a deck in the backyard, pulled numerous weeds, built shelves in the garage. It was a lot of work but also very rewarding. We brought all three of our kids to this home and have made so many memories here. We loved our neighborhood and our ward and it was really hard to say goodbye. We are so grateful for all those memories we have made and will always cherish them. It was sad to leave but we are so excited for this next chapter in our lives in Oregon. We feel so blessed!


I served in the Primary Presidency with Karen and Sloane. We had so many fun times and so many laughs. I learned so much for their examples and love for the gospel. I will always be grateful for the time I served in Primary and for the wonderful women I served with. 

Trisha was one of my closest friends. I will miss having play dates with our kids and going out for ice cream in the evening. She was such a good friend and always will be!

 Rachel volunteered to fly out and help us on the move. She helped us pack the entire home and drove with us to Oregon. She drove the whole way so I could sit int he back and help the kids. She was a life saver. I am SO SO grateful for her help and it was so fun spending time together. 

 We made it to Oregon... we are back at Sir Charles Court until we find a home. The girls are having a blast and we are excited for this next chapter in our lives!

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