Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cultural Diorama

For my Tell400 Class we were required to make a presentation of three artifacts that represent us culturally and ethnically. They could be objects we had in our home that represent our background, traditions and daily activities. I figured I would share mine on my blog because I really enjoyed the assignment.

*Take note: I am transferring this from a PP so it looks much less organized.

Growing up my parents always had pictures of Christ in our home. At a young age, I learned to turn to Christ through prayer and scripture study.
For Christmas, my parents bought Stephen and I this statue of Christ to help remind us that he is always here and that he always cares. I am so grateful for loving parents, not only here on earth, but up above.

As a young child, my mom found it very important for our family to have dinner together every night. I found that as we gathered each night to eat dinner, it became a place of laughter and comfort after a long day. As time past and all the kids were growing up my parents bought a new table. I made my Mom promise me that when I got married I could have the table we used growing up. I got married 5 months ago and I now have the table in my apartment. This table is a reminder to me of all those wonderful memories I had with my family as we gathered around the kitchen table. Now that I am married, my husband and I are continuing this tradition and will continue it when we have children of our own.

I’ll never forget asking my Dad if I could marry him! (Don’t worry I was only 4) He was someone that made me laugh, smile, and most importantly, helped me to feel protected. He showed me how to live the Gospel by example and set the bar high for what I would eventually want in a husband.
I see so much of my Father in my husband, Stephen. More than anything else, he shows me that he loves me through his kindness and his service for me. He and my Father are just alike. I am thankful for the wonderful Father I had growing up and the wonderful husband that I have now.


  1. I love you Jenaca. You're such an incredible girl and Oh my goodness I miss you so much!!! I really do and it kills me that I haven't seen you in soo long. How are you doing what's going in your life!? I need to blog more... I do!

  2. That is such a wonderful post. Make sure your mom and dad read it! It will make them so proud. I am so happy Whitney has you to look up to!:)

  3. love your post and love that I got o see you if only for 10 minutes! I'm sure you were busy all day but we hung out in Provo until 9 pm. Wish we could have seen ya more!