Wednesday, March 24, 2010

80's Roller Skating!

We had a fun time getting our 80's groove on roller skating at classic fun center! ;)
It was a ward activity and we rented out the whole rink so it was only our ward.
We had pizza and ice cream and skated the night away!

Me and Stephen proud of the light up rings we won for winning a game!

After skating our hearts out!
haha, we are crazy!
I am not the best at keeping my balance at times...
love ya babe

We had so much fun roller skating. It had deff been a long time since we had done that. We will have to go back soon so we don't loose our amazing skating skills. haha ;)

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  1. ahhh looks so fun. I wish we were there to go skating with you! and you look so stinken cute!