Monday, July 12, 2010


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated our blog. Who knows if anyone checks my blog on a regular basis but I will work on getting back on my normal schedule of updating every week or so. We have been in the process of moving, remodeling, and getting settled in our home. So many fun and exciting things have gone on this last month or so in me and Stephens life!

1. We bought a home and are pretty much done re-doing and unpacking everything. We replaced all the carpet, changed the vinyl to wood, put up new baseboard, and painted every single wall in the entire home. To say the least I don't think I will ever pick up a paint brush again ;) Although we have had some setbacks the outcome looks fantastic!

2. I started my summer semester of classes. I am taking 7 credits which is three classes. Statistics, Marriage and Family, and Health361. I didn't think it would be to difficult but boy was I wrong. Summer semester is half as long as Winter or Fall semester so you get a huge load of information everyday in your classes because they are cramming 4 moths of info in only 2 months. WOW!

3. I wanted to brag about Stephen for a second. Stephen was the top seller at Pinnacle last month with 81 installs in 4 weeks. He got a great bonus and won a 55 inch big screen TV to add to our family room! He also won an IPAD this month because of all his installs. I am one lucky girl to have such a hard working husband!

4. Stephen and I love our new ward and our new calling. We have the most friendly, kind, and wonderful neighbors who have helped us so much and made us feel so welcome into the neighborhood and ward.

5. My parents are coming Thursday the 15th and staying until the 25th. I am so excited to see my Mom and Dad and spend time with them.

6. Stephen and I had a fun and EXCITING fourth of July! I will post why it was so exciting later.

6. I can't wait to put pictures of the house up but I am waiting for the finishing touches! I promise they will be up by Thursday! On facebook and on our blog!

I have so many pictures to add of different things Stephen and I have been up to. I will have to add them later because I am on a school computer and they are all uploaded on my laptop.
Once again.... sorry I have been bad at updating! :)



  1. I do come here always to check for any update. I hope you guys have a great time in your new house and that happiness can be forever!!! you are so cute!!


  2. I am always watching your blog!!!! I can't wait for those pictures of your new house!! AHHH!!!!

  3. I am also a big fan of you guys and your lovely blog!! I'm glad to see a new post. I'm actually a bit behind on my own blog - so no worries :)

    Love you guys and can't wait to see you guys in a couple of months.

    LOTS of hugs to you both