Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday FUN!

Tuesday was my 21st birthday and it was such a fun day!! Stephen spoils me like crazy on my birthday. He woke me up early Tuesday morning as he was leaving for work and told me to come downstairs for a minute because he had a surprise for me. I was half asleep but gladly followed him down the stairs. He was covering my eyes and once I opened them this is what I saw! I was sooo excited. I have wanted a mountain bike for so long and he also got a little stroller that hooks on the back wheel so once we have our baby we can go on lots of bike rides.

Then I saw the table covered with my favorite candies and two movies I love. Including the drapes my mom made for my kitchen that are adorable.

I also got a cricut expression! I have wanted one of these for so long and he found one for a great deal. It cuts all kinds of fun things... vinyl, designs, hair flowers, and scrapbook stuff.

This was the first project I did with the Cricut. I made labels for food with vinyl lettering. It is so fun to use!

Kristin did my nails for my birthday! They are so much fun to have and I love them. Instead of just white tips she did pink glitter tips. CUTE huh!

I spent some of my birthday with Dallas. He is so much fun and has quite the cute, funny, and outgoing personality! I love spending my days with him.

Stephen took me to Carrabas that night for dinner which was so delicious. It was such a fun day. Thanks for all the calls, texts, and birthday wishes from everyone! :)

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