Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our First Home!

Stephen and I bought our first home in Orem, Utah about 3 months ago and absolutely love it. It is in the perfect location and we have wonderful neighbors and the best ward! We worked hard on remodeling because it deff needed a lot of work. We installed new carpet, wood floors, and tile in the bathrooms. We painted every single wall and put up new baseboard. Although the process wasn't too much fun it was worth it and we love the outcome. My personal favorite was decorating!

The outside of the home
The Laundry room which is on the main floor next to the half bath.
The family room
The family room again
Kitchen table
Living room (My personal favorite) I had so much fun decorating my own place
Our bedroom
The bathroom for the other two rooms (I forgot to upload a pic of the master bath)
The office/craft/scrapbooking room
The guest room... which will eventually be the babies room. It is right next to our room

There it is... the Jett's home! We are so happy and feel so blessed!


  1. Beautiful Jenaca :) It looks great.

  2. I LOVE it! You did such a great job making your house a home. :)

  3. Your house is adorable!! You really did a great job. It is NO fun trying to remodel while living in the house, been there done that. I'm just so glad it turned out so have the touch!!