Saturday, October 30, 2010


We have had quite the fun Halloween weekend. Full of parties, candy and costumes. We love Halloween time. My favorite part this year was seeing all the little kids dressed up in so many cute costumes.
Wednesday: Stephen and I went to a Halloween party and dressed up as salt and pepper.
Friday: We went to our wards trunk or treat and saw so many cute kids all dressed up. Stephen was dressed up as Brett Favre (Gray hair, broken ankle and all). I dressed up as his biggest fan. I decided to let Stephen choose what we were this year for Halloween since last year I convinced him to dress up in pajama onesies with me. haha
Saturday: We had a get together at our place full of fun games and finger foods. Plus I got to see the Draper family which made it an even better Halloween!

This is Friday night before the trunk or treat!
Kayla is the cutest horse I have ever seen ;)
haha so cute!
I love Maleen!
Pictures of all the couples who we hung out with Saturday night.
There were tons of good costumes.
Aaron and Megan were Peruvian soccer players!
Bryan and Dana were characters from Jersey Shore... The situation and Snooki
Theresa was an Indian/Pocahontas/Tiger Lily and Philip was a cop!
Brett Favre and his biggest fan!
Anna and John were from the 50's
We loved the Wymann's costumes... so creative!
Spartan and Greek Goddess
Wednesday night dressed as salt and pepper!

I hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)

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  1. so fun jenaca! i love the salt and pepper idea! you two are adorable!