Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mrs. Jett

I have started teaching 1st grade at Barnett Elementary!

A few things I have learned:
1. I love kids (this I already knew)
2. 1st graders LOVE the teacher and LOVE school.
3. I love teaching.
4. Being a teacher is a lot of work and quite exhausting.
5. Preparing lesson plans every night and memorizing them for the next day = no time to relax and no time with Stephen :(
6. I have a Hinckley in my class and a Monson in the class next door.
7. Little 1st grade girls want to be the teacher and little 1st grade boys want to marry the teacher. haha I have a couple cute stories that I will share on another post.
8. Being a teacher has helped me realize why we are told to be like little children in the scriptures. They are so full of love, so forgiving, so genuine, so trustworthy, and so happy.

A cute story...
The first day I started teaching a little boy came up to me named Keyton and tapped me on my bum. (It was all he could reach) Our conversation went a little something like this...
Keyton: "Mrs. Jett... How come your belly pokes out?"
Me: (I bent down so we were at eye level) "O, that's because I have a baby in my belly."
Keyton: (His eyes got really big and concerned) he then said, "You ate a baby?"

I continue to laugh about this story. He was so concerned that I "ate a baby." haha I love my little first graders and I will miss them when the practicum ends.

In the mean time I MISS DALLAS! I usually watch him during the week but ever since I started the practicum I can't for this entire month since I teach full time. It is killer... I miss his fun personality and sweet smile!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am so glad you are enjoying it! I am sure the kids adore you!

  2. Oh my how cute! You will have so many cute stories to tell in the next few weeks. You will see why I love 1st graders!!! You will do such a good job. The teacher is so lucky to have you. I wish you went to SUU! Then you could come to my class.