Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joyeux Noel!

That means Merry Christmas in French. I know what you are thinking... Thanksgiving hasn't even passed and you are already saying Merry Christmas.

Stephen and I got a little excited for Christmas this year as you can see. This weekend we listened to Christmas music, drank hot chocolate, and decorated our first Christmas tree. It was so fun! Only one more month and we will be in GA with my family for Christmas. I love everything about the Christmas season!

Stephen putting up the tree
me taking the price stickers off the decorations
red and gold ornaments

We loved the finish product. There is still a couple things I want to add. Such as a tree topper and a gold ribbon around the tree. I love walking into our home at night with our Christmas tree lit up. It fits perfect in our bay window and gives a great view from outside since we have yet to get blinds. haha


  1. Holy cow! Ginormous ornaments! Christmas is the best!!

  2. Cute! You are so cute; I can't wait to have a little belly like you. I'm already poppin a little! Can't wait to reunite with everyone soon!

  3. Had so much fun reading your blog! The kids notes were so darling and sincere! The pictures of you, Stephen, Spencer, Travis and Tiffany were so cute! You can't imagine how wonderful it is as a parent to see your children love being together! Thanks for taking such good care of Spencer!