Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One last Christmas in Georgia!

Stephen and I flew to Georgia for one last Christmas! Both of our parents have moved to Utah which we are thrilled about. It is so fun to have family so close. We had a wonderful Christmas Break relaxing and not having to worry about school. It was so fun to be with my family and be in Georgia one last time.

While we were out there I decided to cut my bangs. I wanted some kind of change but I wasn't brave enough to cut my hair short so I decided I would do something a little less drastic and cut my bangs. Bangs grow back fast so if I didn't like them they would be long again in a couple weeks! :)

Here is my Dad and two of my brothers making breakfast one morning. How I enjoyed that home cooking... I have deff missed that!
Here is my wonderful Mom before we went out for a girls day to shop. One thing I have loved about being the only girl is going out shopping and spending all day together. We always have so much fun and I love the relationship we have. I have an amazing mother!
You can't go a Christmas without making gingerbread houses from scratch. We tend to get quite creative and I love seeing what everyone comes up with.
I forgot to put a picture of me and Stephen's finished gingerbread house... I guess you will just have to imagine it.
Elysse and I have been best friends/ best cousins since we were little! We grew up together in Georgia and always had so much fun! I love getting to spend time with her.
Christmas Eve at the Allmans!
One of my favorite presents I got Christmas morning. Thanks Travis and Spencer :)
Christmas Day it snowed. We couldn't believe it. It never snows in Georgia and it was so fun to have a white Christmas!
Handsome handsome boys!
Stephen and I drove to Peachtree city with Ben and Christy to visit their grandparents. It was so much fun to spend time with them. We even got to go on a little golf cart ride.
We love seeing and spending time with Ben, Christy, Emma, and Matthew!
Kelly and I have always been really close friends growing up. She is pregnant with her first baby as well. YAY!

Christmas was so much fun in Georgia and it was so nice having a break from school! I am even more excited for this New Year now that my parents have moved out to Utah... it is so nice to have them close by.

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