Thursday, March 24, 2011

So sweet!

Hi Everyone! This is our sweet Savannah Jane. She loves to eat. She has chubby cheeks and her mommas lips. She is a serious cuddle bug. She loves when Mommy and Daddy talk to her. Savannah has become a professional breast feeder... she appreciates good food like her parents. She also loves to look around. She stares at me a lot, and i stare back. I like to think that she's very happy that i'm her mom, because i know i'm extremely happy she's my daughter. She is going to be a daddy's girl... Stephen can't get enough of her. We LOVE our sweet girl!


  1. Oh Jen you're so cute! You guys are serioulsy going to be the best parents! We're hoping to come to Utah the 2nd or 3rd week of April. I'll call you when we have details because we definitly want to see you!

  2. Cute! Definitely has Daddy's eyes though!!