Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anniversary # 2!

2 years down... ETERNITY to go!
Today is Stephen and I's 2 year anniversary. It is so fun being married to Stephen. He is the most thoughtful, caring, sensitive, and giving man. I feel so blessed everyday to have such a wonderful husband and such a sweet father to Savannah. I could go on and on about how much I love him but I will spare you all the sappy love talk... I am sure you will all appreciate it!

So this year I told Stephen that we shouldn't spend anything on our anniversary gifts we should just do something creative... like write a sweet letter or something. He agreed and thought that was a good idea. So here was my cheesy/funny letter to him!
It says:
To my Mr. Goodbar,
I might be an Airhead but I'm no Dumb Dumb about how lucky I am to have you.
When we first met it was a Shocker... I thought Oh Yeah what a Hot Tamale. You always make me Laffy Taffy and you are such a Sweettart. With you it feels like PayDay everyday. I love it when you Whatchamacallit it sends me to the Milky Way! I love you Hubba Bubba... you are my Sugar Daddy! Love Jenaca

I know I know... cheesy right but I thought we were doing something cheesy like this and inexpensive for our anniversary gift.
Well apparently Stephen had something else in mind and got me THIS sewing/embroidery machine. I was SO shocked... I wasn't expecting it at all. I had mentioned how it would be so fun to have a sewing machine one day... but I did not think it would be this day and I surely did not think it would be this nice. Stephen spoils me... he is so sweet to me. I can not WAIT to finally sew some cute dresses for Sav, make some fun summer skirts for me, hem up Stephen's jeans that are too long and much more!

Here are some pics of our FUN timesL
Our wedding day... this was seriously the best day of my life. It couldn't have been any better. I never wanted that day to end... it was such a happy happy day!
Us on our honeymoon. This pic still cracks me up.
Stephen looks like he is 10 and I apparently got implants!
Hanging out in my old apartment getting ready to
go to Orchids wedding. Isnt Stephen so handsome!?!
We always had so much fun together dating.
Good ole memories in Rexburg! We were engaged in this picture
and were counting down the days till we were getting married.
Playing some volleyball in Rexburg one evening.
Stephen would drive to Rexburg every weekend to see me...
I lived for those weekends with him!
This was the first concert we went to together. It was
the Kalai concert. He sang "our song" at the very end.
Which is called "Divide Me."
I feel like we look so young in this picture... don't you?

Happy valen-birth-ersary Stephen! We say that just to make sure we got the right day!
I LOVE YOU STEPHEN... can't wait for many more years to come!


  1. Way to go Stephen! I know you are going to use that machine a ton. I swear sometimes the guys pretend that they are going to do a small gift and then go overboard so they look like a huge hero. But who's complaining right?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sweet sewing machine! I am sure you will be quite the seamstress! :)

  3. isn't it crazy we've been married for 2 years! it feels like 2 months!