Saturday, August 27, 2011

One year older and wiser too!

When I was young I would count down the days until my birthday... and the night before I would always be so excited for the next day. Since my birthday is towards the end of August I always felt like the month went by SO slow. This year I didn't even know what day of the week my birthday was on... and the month of August went by SO fast! haha Regardless I am now 22 and it feels weird. I just feel like yesterday I was 19 and getting married. Now Stephen is graduated, I have one more semester until I graduate, we live in Orem, and we have a baby. It's so fun, crazy, and exciting to think of... so much has happened in the last 2 1/2 years.

I had a great birthday!

I woke up to these cute flowers from my sweet husband!
And spent my afternoon with this sweet, smiley girl!

That evening my family came over and we ate pizza, ate YUMMY cake, opened presents, and played Phase 10. It was a blast! I had a great birthday!!!! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes, texts, and fb messages! :)
On another note:
We gave Savannah her first banana to eat all on her own. It was so funny watching her. We were cracking up. She made a mess... seriously there was banana everywhere... even in between her toes. She was loving every minute of it though, it was so cute!
She is sucking every last bit off her fingers.
So So yummy!

*Thanks Maleen for the Bumbo tray... it has become very useful!


  1. Happy Birthday. I'm so glad that Savannah likes the tray.

    Um...I don't think you should put your age on here. It is making ME feel really old. :)

  2. happy happy birthday girl! I'm so sorry i didn't call! (i'm dying without a phone!) but I have been thinking of you and I love you and hope you had the best birthday! Isn't it crazy how you get older and older with more and more responsibility and you still feel like a little girl? Well at least that's how I am!