Monday, March 26, 2012

Overload of Photos...

I was doing so good at blogging on a regular basis... almost everyday. But I got behind... way behind and so I have a bunch of pictures that I will share. The majority of my day consists of me and Savannah. We go on walks, we go to the park, we read books, we eat lunch, we watch cartoons, we play with toys, and we wait patiently for Daddy to get home. :)

Savannah is learning so much and is growing up so fast.

She is ready to go swimming in some nice, sunny weather.
I was making a fruit salad for dinner and gave Savannah the spoon to lick. It was such a mess but so worth it... she was loving it!
She already has such a cute sense of humor. She loves climbing in things and cracks up when I cover her with toys.
She would eat cheese for every meal if I let her.

The fun easter craft I made for the ladies I visit teach!
She is so fun!
My little walker! She looks a lot like Stephen to me in this picture below. She has so many of his features!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love you guys! Savannah is growing so fast. You are such a good mom, and almost every day around here, we are waiting patiently for Daddy to get home. ;)