Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sneak Peak...

We have been busy doing renovations this spring in our home. One of the biggest projects we took on was building a deck in the backyard. My dad knows all the ins and outs of building a deck so he was able to teach Stephen. While Stephen was busy building the deck with my dad I was busy renovating the kitchen... painting cabinets, new countertops, knobs on doors, and backsplash. (Pictures of kitchen coming soon). The backyard needed some TLC. The previous owner of our home had built a brick pathway in the backyard but it was struggling. The bricks were laid uneven... they were sinking... weeds continued to grow through and it was just a lost cause. We have always wanted a deck with some furniture and of course a grill. Stephen and my Dad spent 7 days building this deck and we LOVE it. Savannah and I play outside constantly and it is so nice to have a seating area to lounge on. We have eaten dinner out there almost every night since and we are loving grilling steaks and chicken on the grill. It is amazing how much a deck adds to the back yard. I will post pictures of the entire deck soon but here is a little sneak peak to wet your taste buds. ;)


  1. looks beautiful! ps I'm so excited that you're having another girl! Yea for babies!

  2. It looks so great out there. Your house is always so beautiful. You have a real eye for decorating. I love all the new renovations.

  3. I love it! Can't wait to see the kitchen!