Sunday, May 13, 2012

Savannah:15 months old

When did my little baby grow up? Today when I got Savannah all dressed up for church I couldn't get over how big she looked. She had her pink striped dress on with her bow and pink sandals. She was just walking around the house being independent and I couldn't help but realize how fast she is growing up and how I need to cherish every day I have with her because it happens so fast. Savannah is such a fun girl... she is quite the character.  

  • She is very independent but loves you being by her side. 
  • She is so stubborn but so sensitive. 
  • She has her moments where she will climb up on your lap and lay her head right on your shoulder and cuddle. (I love those moments) 
  • She is very curious and always wants to discover new things. 
  • She loves being around other kids... she cracks me up when she squats down, looks up at their face, and says "Hiiii!" 
  • She LOVES being outside... I mean LOVES. 
  • She hates being in her stroller... she would much rather be walking around and exploring the world around her. 
  • She is quite the picky eater. She lives off of cereal, yogurt, fruit, and milk. She won't even eat normal kid food like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. (Deff hope she grows out of this stage) 
  • She loves when Daddy comes home. As soon as she hears the garage door open she points to the door and waits patiently for him to walk in. When he opens the door a big grin comes across her face and she runs to give him a big hug! 
  • She is all over the place at church. Stephen and I are seriously counting down the Sundays until nursery. If you are trying to find us just look out in the halls... one of us will most likely be there chasing her around. haha 
  • She is such a happy girl. 

We love our little Savannah SO much. Can't believe how big she is getting!

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