Saturday, April 26, 2014

Princess Dresses and Snuggles

Savannah loves to get all dressed up. She calls church dresses her princess dresses and spins her little heart out in them!

The girls nursery teacher sent me this picture. Tammy Lee has had a hard time being away from mom and dad for a couple hours during church on Sundays. Their teacher said the only time Tammy Lee stops crying is when Savannah hugs her. Glad they have each other... so sweet!

This never happens anymore and I was loving it. Tammy Lee is a snuggler and I was holding her the other afternoon and she zonked out on me. So sweet...I love this. 
I think I need another new born to snuggle ;)

Love my sweet T-Lee!

Sometimes life is just hard... and you need to cry!

 Sorry for the nudity... but Sav is my "big" helper and insisted that she could wash Tammy Lee's hair and didn't need any help! Tammy Lee is a good sport!

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